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St. Agnes was beheaded and burned, or tortured and stabbed to death, or stabbed in the throat (sources vary) on 21 January 254 or 304 in Rome.

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Where did Saint Agnes live?

She is called Agnes of Rome, so she lived and was martyred in Rome, Italy

Where did Saint Agnes die?

Saint Agnes was martyred in Rome.

Where did St. Agnes live?

St. Agnes lived in Rome.

Where was St. Agnes of Rome born?

Agnes was born in Rome, Italy.

Where can I find a short biography of St. Agnes of Rome?

Click this linkfor a biography of St. Agnes of Rome.

When did St. Agnes of Rome die?

St. Agnes died about the year 304.

What the symbol of St. Agnes of Rome?

The lamb, a symbol of purity, is the symbol of St. Agnes.

What country of orgin is St. Agnes from?

Agnes was from Rome, Italy.

What is the nationality of St. Agnes?

Agnes of Rome was a Roman citizen.

Who lived in Rome and was martyred for his faith?

There are many, many saints who were martyred in Rome. Here is a partial list of some of those who are better known:Saint Lawrence of Rome Saint Sebastian Pope Saint Sixtus II Saint Agnes of Rome Saint Cecilia Saint Peter the Apostle Sail Paul the Apostle Saint Valentine of Rome

Is Saint Agnes of Rome the sister of Saint Clare?

No, it was St. Agnes of Assisi who was St. Clare's sister.

When did Saint Agnes die?

St. Agnes is believed to have been martyred around the year 305, and is believed to have been 13 years old.

When did St. Sebastian die?

St. Sebastian was martyred about the year 288 in Rome.

Who was the Saint martyred by broiling in Huesca ad 258?

St. Lawrence of Rome was born in Huesca, Spain, but was martyred by broiling in Rome in the year 258.

Was St. Agnes of Rome always a Catholic?

Yes, Agnes was always a Catholic.

When is the feast day of Saint Agnes?

The feast of St. Agnes of Rome is January 21.

What was the country of origin of St. Agnes?

Agnes was from Rome in what today is known as Italy.

At what age did Saint Agnes die?

St. Agnes is believed to have been martyred around the year 305, and is believed to have been 13 years of age.

Where did St. Agnes die?

St. Agnes died in the year 304 and the feast is celebrated on January 21.In Rome.

Where did St. Cecilia die?

She was martyred in Rome in the third century.

What were some qualities of St. Agnes?

Learn all about the life and qualities of St. Agnes of Rome by clicking on the link below.

Where did St. Cecilia grow up?

she was born and martyred in Rome.

Where did Saint Agnes of Rome work?

St. Agnes was only 12 or 13 when she died so I doubt if she worked. She did live in Rome, however.

What did Agnes of Rome serve as?

I am not sure what you mean by your question. Agnes was a simple young girl, about 12 years of age, who refused to sacrifice to pagan gods and lose her virginity. For this she was martyred.

When did St. Agnes live?

Saint Agnus was born about the year 291 and was martyred by the Romans in about the year 304.

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