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Sufism Reoriented was created in 1952.

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Q: When was Sufism Reoriented created?
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What is the mystical tradition of Islam is known as?

"Sufism" is the correct term for the mystical tradition of Islam.

Who is the father of sufism?

Prophet Muhammad SAW is father of Sufism . He is fountain of all sects of Sufism .

Why is Islam incomplete without sufism?

Because Sufism is about peace, spirituality and closeness to God which is what Islam is all about. Conclusion: Islam is Sufism and Sufism is Islam.

Is Sufism is not practiced today?

Sufism continues to exist today and is a formidable force in the Islamic world. Sufism flourishes in Egypt, Pakistan, Central Asia, North Africa, India, Indonesia ,and Sudan

What are the sources of sufism?

Sufism or Tasawwuf is a vast subject that can have differering meanings to different people. Sufism in it's pure form is against what many people consider sufism today ie. twirling, dancing etc. Pure Tasawwuf or sufism has it's sources from the Quran, Hadeeth and the verdict's and explainaitions of learned scholars or jurist.

Who mainly practices Sufism?

Sufism is mainly practiced by the Muslims. But the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Christians also practice Sufism.

Which is an order of Sufism?


Is sufism and Islam different path?

Sufism is a branch of the Sunni sect of Islam. Sunni's are the most popular sect.

What is the purpose of Sufism?

Answer The theory of Sufism in Islam is to know the Allah and achieve the nearness of the Allah only.

Is Sufism used today?

Yes, Sufis is still around today. Even a lot of non-Muslims like Sufism.

What has the author Anthony M Hodgson written?

Anthony M. Hodgson has written: 'Greater Sufism' -- subject(s): Sufism

What accurately describes sufism?

Sufism is a method of following Islam in its true spirit . actual name of Sufism is "Ehsan " . True Sufism is based on the Hadith of Gabriel as mentioned by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim . It means to worship Allah as if allah is looking you or if it is not possible to worship allah as Allah is looking you . True knowlege of Sufism can be found in books written by Hazrat Mujaded alif Sani and Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah .