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The Fourth World War was created in 2003.


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The cast of The Fourth World War - 2003 includes: Michael Franti as Narrator Suheir Hammad as Narrator

The World at War was created on 1973-10-31.

The War of the End of the World was created in 1981.

World War Veterans was created in 1919.

World War Memorial Library was created in 1897.

Waiting for a World War was created on 2001-04-17.

Polish Legions in World War I was created in 1914.

World War Memorial Stadium was created in 1926.

World War II Online was created in 2001.

First War of the World was created on 2009-03-20.

John A. Gilbuena has written: 'Fourth World War' -- subject(s): Terrorism, Iraq War, 2003-2011 'Fourth World War (Second Edition)- The Road To Pakistan ....After Osama Bin Laden's Death.'

Approximately 65 million combatants fought in World War 1.

Bomber Aircrew in World War II was created in 2004.

Indiana World War Memorial Plaza was created in 1965.

Great Blunders of World War II was created in 1998.

World War II Facilities at Midway was created in 1941.

The Second World War Experience Centre was created in 1998.

National World War II Memorial was created in 2004.

Monument to the Women of World War II was created in 2005.

How I Unleashed World War II was created on 1970-04-02.

Germany's Aims in the First World War was created in 1961.

The duration of The Fourth War is 1.52 hours.

The Fourth Reich was created in 1982.

The Fourth River was created in 2005.

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