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Thomas Beckett was appointed Archbishop of Canterbury in 1162 and was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral on December 29th 1170.

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Thomas Becket was made an archbishop in 1162, when he was appointed as the Archbishop of Canterbury by King Henry II of England.

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Q: When was Thomas Becket made an archbishop?
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What connection does Canterbury cathedral have to thomas becket?

Thomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury. His connection was that he was the Archbishop in Canterbury Cathedral.

What date did Thomas Becket become archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Becket became Archbishop formally on June 3, 1162. There is a link below to an article on Thomas Becket.

Why was Thomas Becket so powerful?

Thomas Becket was noticed by the important powers in the church, and the Archbishop Canterbury made him archdeacon. When King Henry II needed a chancellor, Becket was suggested by the man who was archbishop at the time, and Henry and Becket soon became friends. Henry saw to it that Becket became Archbishop when the position became vacant, and this made Becket the most powerful cleric in Britain.

How old was thomas becket when he became archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Becket was about 44 years old when he became Archbishop of Canterbury.

Who was the archbishop of Canterbury 960 to 978?

Thomas Becket

Why did Henry ask the archbishop of york to crown his son not Becket?

it was because Thomas Becket an Henry II had an argument( not sure when) and Henry II then decided that he had enough and mad the Archbishop of York do the honour when actually it was supposed to be Thomas Becket (the Archbishop of Canterbury's) job.

Where did Archbishop Thomas Becket live?

He lived in England, was born in London, and was the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Archbishop of Canterbury by thomas becket?

Thomas Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170. He is venerated as a saint and martyr by both the Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion.

Why did Henry II choose thomas becket as archbishop?

Henry chose Becket as archbishop because he was his friend and he did not like the way that they didn't get punished. because Becket was his friend he thought that he could change the church rules but he was wrong. Becket him self changed himself and he was determined to be a really good archbishop.

Who was thomas becket from medieval Europe times?

Archbishop of Canterbury.

Was thomas becket a priest?

he was Archbishop of Canterbury when he died in 1170

Who was executed by Henry II?

Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.