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Touching Spirit Bear was first copyrighted in 2001.

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Q: When was Touching Spirit Bear first copyrighted?
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When was the book touching spirit bear by Ben Mikaelsen first copyrighted?


What comes first in the series touching spirit bear or the ghost of spirit bear?

Touching Spirit Bear comes first in the series, followed by The Ghost of Spirit Bear. The first book introduces the main character, Cole, and his journey of healing and transformation on a remote Alaskan island, while the second book continues his story as he faces new challenges and learns more about himself.

What is the Number of chapters in touching spirit bear have?

There is 28 chapters in Touching Spirit Bear.

How many page does Touching Spirit Bear have?

Touching Spirit Bear has 240 pages in it.

Chapter12 of touching spirit bear what happens?

chapter 12 in touching spirit bear

When was Touching Spirit Bear created?

Touching Spirit Bear was created on 2001-01-09.

What does Cole think about his life touching spirit bear?

Cole thinks his life in Touching Spirit Bear has no point to it at first, then he heals and he thinks otherwise, that he has a reason for life.

What is the squeal to touching spirit bear?

Ghost if spirit bear

How does the Spirit Bear trust Cole in Touching Spirit Bear?

He doesn't attack him after the first time. Because the first time Spirit Bear attacked him Cole was a threat, later in the book, Cole understands that for Spirit Bear to trust him he can't threaten Spirit Bear.

What is the basic situation in Touching Spirit Bear?

the basic situation in touching spirit bear is Cole dies

What kind of Indian is Garvey in Touching Spirit Bear?

Garvey in "Touching Spirit Bear" is a Tlingit Indian.

What animal did cole kill in touching spirit bear?

the spirit bear