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Turtle - Entourage - was created in 2004.

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The turtle in Entourage is named Salvatore "Turtle" Assante.

The character "Turtle" on Entourage was inspired by Mark Wahlberg's assistant who died of an asthma attack in 2005. His character's nickname "Turtle" is based on the real assitant's nickname "Donkey."

Hyundai Entourage was created in 2007.

The show Entourage has a character named Sal who is also known as Turtle.

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Mock Turtle was created in 1865.

Turtle House was created in 1820.

Spotted turtle was created in 1792.

Mark Wahlberg. based from his experiences in LA with his entourage. Doug Ellin is the credited creator

The cast of Tiny Entourage - 2008 includes: Joe Childs as Drama Christina DeRosa as Alex Pancho Moler as Turtle Mark Munoz as Eric

Turtle Diary was created in 1985-12.

David Bushnell created and used the Turtle

Malagasy Turtle Dove was created in 1813.

Sulawesi forest turtle was created in 1995.

Smooth softshell turtle was created in 1827.

Fitzroy River turtle was created in 1980.

Flatback sea turtle was created in 1880.

Green sea turtle was created in 1758.

Hawksbill sea turtle was created in 1766.

Leatherback sea turtle was created in 1761.

Turtle Trench was created on 2012-01-27.

Spiny softshell turtle was created in 1827.

Upemba mud turtle was created in 1981.

Malaysian giant turtle was created in 1873.

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