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Uniform Office Format was created on 2007-04-30.

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Q: When was Uniform Office Format created?
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Is Open Office fully compatible with Microsoft Office?

Yes, both are compatiable. However, documents created using Open Office must be saved using the Microsoft format. Files saved in native Open Office format cannot be opened using Microsoft Office.

Is Microsoft office 2000 compatible with office 2003?

Yes. Documents created in Office 2000 applications can be read and edited in Office 2003. Documents created in Office 2003 can be read, but cannot be edited unless saved in a format compatible with Office 2000.

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Can you open the file of office 2003 in office 2007?

Yes, you can open Office 2003 files with Office 2007. When you save the file, you will have a choice of saving in Officer 2003 format or changing to Office 2007 format.

Is OpenOffice compatible with Microsoft Office Word?

Documents saved in DOCX or DOC format in OpenOffice should work perfectly in Microsoft Office Word. OpenOffice supports opening DOCX and DOC format documents created in Microsoft Office Word, but there may be some loss of formatting.

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