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Userful was created in 1999.
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How do you create a user in Linux?

Creating a new user in Linux or Unix is typically done with the adduser command. The basic syntax is: adduser -g [group] -n [username] where group is the group (admi

Where are user accounts created?

Hello, If you are talking about server users then SAM is the system file which holds information of users. But this file is in encrypted format and you can not edit it.

How do you create admin user in php?

Have a separate field in your database and allocate the post accordingly. For eg. $query = mysql_query("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Login ( Username varchar(12) NOT NULL

How do you create user in redhat?

Use the useradd command. By default, this will add a user and create a home dircetory for that user, which will be located in /home. EXAMPLE: /usr/sbin/useradd yourname

How do you create new user?

to create a new user account in win xp, you go to the control panel of the computer and sellect user accounts, then you add a new account by clicking on add user account
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Can home users create wikis?

Yes. Anyone can create a wiki. All they need is some storage space, which anyone can get. If it is successful, then it may need more space and at that point it will become mor