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When was Victor Karpov born?


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Victor Karpov was born in 1928.


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Victor Karpov died in 1997.

Mykola Karpov was born in 1929.

Sergey Karpov was born in 1948.

Dmitriy Karpov was born in 1981.

Anatoly Karpov was born on May 23, 1951.

Konstantin Karpov was born on 1990-05-26.

Vladimir Karpov was born on 1922-07-28.

Maksim Karpov was born on 1990-04-02.

Valeri Karpov was born on 1971-08-05.

Tomas Karpov was born on 1989-03-09.

Oleksandr Karpov was born on 1990-01-16.

Anatoli Karpov was born on May 23, 1951, in Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk Oblast, Russian SFSR, USSR [now Russia].

Anatoli Karpov is 5' 7".

Mykola Karpov died in 2003.

Anatoli Karpov goes by Tolya.

Pimen Karpov has written: 'Zvezd''

Anatoly Karpov was born on May 23, 1951.

Leonid Karpov has written: 'Zheleznye ruki'

Vladimir Karpov died on 2010-01-19.

Anatoly Karpov did, by about 20 years

N. Karpov has written: 'Agrarnaya politika Stolypina'

Anatoli Karpov's birth name is Anatoliy Evgenevich Karpov.

Anatoly Karpov is 60 years old (birthdate: May 23, 1951).

N. N. Karpov has written: 'Chekhov i ego tvorchestvo'

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