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WCW World Heavyweight Championship was created in 1991.

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Q: When was WCW World Heavyweight Championship created?
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When did WCW World Heavyweight Championship end?

WCW World Heavyweight Championship ended in 2001.

What are the champions in WWE 12?

1. Hardcore Championship 2. Million Dollar Championship 3. Unified WWE Tag Team Championship 4. ECW Championship 5. Attitude Era Heavyweight Championship 6. Champion of Champions Title 7. Classic WWE Intercontinental Championship 8. WWE Light Heavyweight Championship 9. WCW World Heavyweight Championship 10. Undisputed Championship 11. Classic ECW Championship 12. European Championship 13. WCW Championship 14. WWE Championship (WCW spray-painted) 15. WCW World Heavyweight Championship (WCW spray-painted) 16. WWE Championship 17. World Heavyweight Championship 18. WWE Tag Team Championship 19. World Tag Team Championship 20. Cruiserweight Championship 21. Women's Championship 22. United States Championship 23. Divas Championship

What are all the WWE championship belts?

current belts: wwe championship world heavyweight championship u.s championship intercontinental championship world tag team championship tag team championship womens championship divas championship resigned belts: wwe hardcore championship wwe light heavyweight championship wwe European championship million dollar championship wcw hardcore championship wcw television championship wcw cruiserweght championship wcw cruiserweght tag team championship ecw championship ecw ftw world heavy weight championship ecw world tag team championship ecw television championship ecw Maryland championship ecw Pennsylvania championship

When was WCW Hardcore Championship created?

WCW Hardcore Championship was created in 1999.

How many times has sting won the title?

He has held these titles: NWA Heavyweight Championship, NWA World Television Championship, WCW International World Championship, WCW United States Championship, WCW World Heavyweight Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship, TNA World Tag Team Championship, UWF World Tag Team Championship and the WWA World Heavyweight Championship. He has been a World Heavyweight Champion 13 times - 6 time WCW Champion, 2 time WCW International World Heavyweight Champion, 2 time TNA Champion, 1 time NWA Champion (Jim Crockett Promotions), 1 time NWA Champion (TNA) and 1 time WWA Champion. He has held 7 Tag Team Titles - WCW Tag Team Champion 3 time (once with Lex Luger, once with the Giant and once with Kevin Nash), 1 time TNA Tag Team Champion (with Kurt Angle) and 3 time UWF Tag Team Champion (twice with Eddie Gilbert and once with Rick Steiner). He held the NWA World Televisions Championship once and the WCW United States Championship twice. In addition to this he also won the Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournament with Lex Luger in 1988, the NWA Iron Man Tournament in 1989, the WCW Battlebowl Battle Royal in 1991, the WCW King of Cable Tournament in 1992 and the WCW European Cup in 1994 ad 2000.

What WWE championship was not originated from WWE?

The united states championship was actually brought in when they acquired wcw although they had one at one time the current one is wcw title. Also the current world heavyweight championship is an incarnation of wcws world title hope this helps

How many wrestling belts has Big Show won?

In World Championship Wrestling (WCW) the Big Show has had the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt twice, and the WCW World Tag Team Championship belt three times. In World Wrestling Federation (Entertainment) the Big Show has had the ECW World Heavyweight Championship belt once, he has had the World Tag Team Championship (WWE) belt five times, he has had the WWE Tag Team Championship belt twice, he has had the WWE United States Championship once, he has had the WWF/E Championship belt twice, and he has had the WWF/E Hardcore Championship belt three times. In total he has had a championship belt 19 times.

Why was the wcw and wwf title combined?

The two titles are not combined. Currently the WCW title is renamed world heavyweight title and is currently held by Edge and the WWF title is renamed as WWE title and is currently held by Randy Orton now undertaker has the heavyweight championship wheras john cena has the wwe championship

What is the name of all the WWE titles?

wwe originol: wwe championship wwe intercontinental championship wwe tag team championship wwe hardcore championship wwe light-heavyweight championship wwe European championship wwe tag team championship womens championship divas championship snatched from wcw: world heavyweight championship united states championship world tag team championship snatched from ecw: ecw championship

What does wcw wrestling stand for?

WCW stands for World Championship Wrestling.

What is the longform of WCW?

World Championship Wrestling

Was Kurt Angle ever WCW US Champion?

The WWE United States Championship was originally known as the NWA United States Heavyweight Championship. In 1991 it was renamed World Championship Wrestling (WCW) United States Heavyweight Championship. Then in 2001 when WWF bought out WCW it was changed to WCW United States Championship. At Survivor Series 2001 this belt merged with the WWF Intercontinental Championship. Finally in 2003 it was revived as the WWE United States Championship. On October 22, 2001 in Kansas City, MO there was a match between Kurt Angle and Rhyno for the United States Championship. On this episode of Raw Kurt Angle won this match and became the United States Champion. The belt at the time was still known as the WCW United States Championship at this time. This was the only time Kurt Angle held this belt.

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