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When was a J C Higgins model 90 9 shot revolver SN 1189743 made and who made it for Sears?

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September 30, 2005 7:01PM

As I remember, High Standard made most of the rimfire revolvers that I saw in the Sears catalogs of the day. That would be in the early to mid sixties, I guess. They had quite a variety. I hope that helps some, anyway. However, there might well have been other manufacturers whose handguns were listed as well. If it was a nine shot, and it was assembled with pins instead of screws, it was quite possibly made by High Standard. I can't recall if they called themselves Hi Standard or not. High Standard did indeed manufacture the Sears provate labebed J. C Higgins revolvers see The serial number vs data shipped chart at is appropriate for dating youe revolver.