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About 60 years ago, storing one right now for my grandfather who just told me the story about it.

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How much does a 28 gauge model 220A savage cost?

Depending on condition, around $150

What is a Savage Model 220A?

12 gauge shotgun This is only the model number . They also made a 410 gauge . This shotgun was also made in 20 ga for certain (I have one) and probably 16 ga.

I Need a foreman for savage model 220A 12 gauge shotgun?

I would start my search at numrich gun parts corp.they can be found on the web.

What years did savage produce model 220a shotguns?

the savage model 220 shotguns were made from 1937-1945 with 50,000 being made.

How much is a savage 220A 12 gauge single shot 36 barrell worth?

I recently had to pay $249 for one and it was NOT in perfect condition. They are hard to find in that length.

What is the age and value of a 410 Savage Model 220A single shot shotgun with a 3-inch chamber made in Chicopee Falls Mass USA?

Savage guns were manufactured in Chicopee Falls from 1946 to 1960. A 410 single shot could bring from $75 to $150.

Age of single-shot 20ga model 220a?

Need detailed description of all markings.

Where can you find a gun butt stock for a Savage 220A gun?

Have you heard about the internet? Start with google Search for Savage 220 A stock then click

When was the 220a 16 gauge shot gun made?

You will have to provide the name of the maker.

Anyone know anything about savage shot guns Model 220A?

Model 220 12, 16, 20 or 410 single barrel shotgun with 26" to 32" barrels walnut stock. Mfg 1938 to 1965 EXC=$100 VG=$80 GOOD = $70 FAIR=$50 POOR=$35

What is the value of a Savage 410ga Model 220A shotgun?

The age of this gun, if it has no suffix on the model#,was probably made between 1942 and 1950. The value on this gun, in very good condition, is around $80.00 to $100.00. Savage made the 220 in 12-16-20-410.(not sure about 28). Barrel length varied from 26 to 32 inch.

I have a savage model 220a that was stolen which you got back but not before the thief sawed it down is it possible to find a new barrel?

Check your local yellow pages for a gunsmith. He will have a source to order a new barrel. You could also try contacting the manufacturer at www.savagearms.com

Who made the revelation model 220A rifle and how much is it worth?

It is a Mossberg 800A. Value of any gun is driven by condition.

Who made the revelation model 220A rifle and how much is it worth.?

It is a Mossberg 800A. Value anywhere from $200-$250, depending on condition, scope, etc.

What is KW for a 30 amp 220 volt appliance?

220 volt is single phase, so power is the straightforward IxE calculation. 30V X 220A = 6600W = 6.6KW

Can you buy a rifle barrel for a savage 220A?

Well, yes and no. The rifle version of the 220A was the 219, and barrels were made in .22 hornet, 25-20, 32-20,or 30-30. However, they have been out of production for some time, so they will be hard to find. The action is not designed for higher pressure cartridges such as .308, etc.

Sentencing for penal code 220a California?

California Penal Code 220a is a provision listing the punishments for assault with the intent to commit rape, sodomy, forced oral copulation, or mayhem. Prison sentences of two, four, or six years can be applied unless the victim is under the age of eighteen where the prison term can be five, seven or nine years. If the assault is committed in the course of a burglary, the sentence can be life imprisonment with the possibility of parole.

What is the distance between mtvernon il and Houston tx?

813 miles taking this route:Take I-57 SOUTH, from Mt. Vernon, to I-55 SOUTH to MEMPHIS off EXIT 1A in MISSOURI.Take I-55 SOUTH to I-40 WEST to LITTLE ROCK off EXIT 8 in West Memphis, ARKANSAS.Take I-40 WEST to I-440 WEST to TEXARKANA off EXIT 159; follow signs on the ramp to I-440 WEST.Take I-440 WEST, around LITLE ROCK, to I-30 WEST to TEXARKANA.Take I-30 WEST to U.S. 59 SOUTH to HOUSTON off EXIT 220A in Texarkana, TEXAS.Take U.S. 59 SOUTH to Houston.

How long to drive from cedar hill Missouri to Houston tx?

825 miles taking this route:Take HWY 21 - NORTH, from Cedar Hill, to SSR-MM, and turn right onto MM.Take Supplemental Route MM - EAST to JCT I-55, and follow signs to I-55 SOUTH.Take I-55 SOUTH to I-40 WEST to LITTLE ROCK at EXIT 8 in West Memphis, ARKANSAS.Take I-40 WEST to I-30 WEST to TEXARKANA, via I-440 WEST(EXIT 156 off I-40) to bypass LITTLE ROCK.Take I-30 WEST to U.S. 59 SOUTH to HOUSTON at EXIT 220A in TEXARKANA, TEXAS.Follow U.S. 59 SOUTH to HOUSTON. Note: As U.S. 59 approaches Houston, it becomes an Interstate Highway, joining up with I-69. So, from Cleveland, TX onward, you will be on I-69/U.S. 59 SOUTH towards HOUSTON.

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