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The 5G prefix to the serial number indicates that your browning was made by FN of Belguim for browning in 1965.


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I have a Fabrique Nationale D'armes deGuerre Hherstal Belgigue Browning s patent Depose nv 1466.23 SN #669464

Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal

fabrique national d'armes de querbe herstal belgigue

fabrique nationale of belguim was the first producer of the browning hi-power.

Fabrique Nationale first made the gun for Browning in 1937

FN (Fabrique Nationale) since day one, Miroku since the mid 70's

Fabrique Nationale in Herstal Belgium made all of the Browning Belgian guns, even after 1950.

What is the question? Fabrique Nationale is the Belgian manufacturer of Browning Arms. Herstal Belgium is the city where they are located.

FN is the abbreviation for Fabrique Nationale Arms Co. of Herstal, Belgium. They made most of the A-5 shotguns and Superposed shotguns for Browning USA. has a sn function under customer service.

100-1000 USD or so depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition.

Made in 1969, this gun was manufactured in Liege Belgium at the Fabrique Nationale Firearms plant.

I can say that it was made after 1977, but for more specific information, you will have to contact browning customer service.

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