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The 5G prefix to the serial number indicates that your browning was made by FN of Belguim for browning in 1965.

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Q: When was a browning fabrique nationale d armes de guerre herstal belgigue acier special light twelve with a serial number 5G79411 made?
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Value of a fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre herstal-belgique browning's 2nd variation serial no 115195?

I have a Fabrique Nationale D'armes deGuerre Hherstal Belgigue Browning s patent Depose nv 1466.23 SN #669464

What company owns browning?

Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal

Who owns browning arms company?

Fabrique Nationale de Herstal

Where can I find a clip for a 7.65 fabrique nationale d'armes de guerre herstal belgigue pistol?

gun shops, gun shows, internet auctions,

What is the value of a Browning Arms H P Standard Serial?

fabrique national d'armes de querbe herstal belgigue

Fabrique nationale baby browning 25 auto?

what is the question?

Who first manufactured the Browning Hi-Power?

fabrique nationale of belguim was the first producer of the browning hi-power.

Fabrique nationale d'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique?

fabrique nationale

What person who made the first sweet?

Fabrique Nationale first made the gun for Browning in 1937

Who has manufactured browning guns for browning and what years?

FN (Fabrique Nationale) since day one, Miroku since the mid 70's

What year was a Fabrique Nationale Browning model 1922 with serial 265C manufactured?

No FN sn data available.

What year was a Fabrique Nationale Browning model 1922 pistol with serial A0149 manufactured?

You must call Browning. SN does not follow normal convention.

What is a browning fabrique nationale herstal belgique acier special c12 1n 68 61871?

This is an Auto-5 Shotgun

Who made belgium browning guns before 1950's?

Fabrique Nationale in Herstal Belgium made all of the Browning Belgian guns, even after 1950.

What year was a Fabrique Nationale Browning Arms Patent Depose auto 5 made Sn 67417 and is it a Browning? has sn data under customer service.

Are parts available for Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique Browning 32 caliber?

Yes, but not easy to find.

FabrQue natonale herstal belgQue?

What is the question? Fabrique Nationale is the Belgian manufacturer of Browning Arms. Herstal Belgium is the city where they are located.

How much is a browning bar 7mm made in belgium by fabrique nationale herstal assembled in Portugal worth?

100-1000 usd

What is value on a Fabrique Nationale - Browning 22 pump action rifle?

100-1000 USD or so depending on EXACTLY what you have and its condition.

What is the value of a Browning 9mm pistol made by Fabrique Nationale d'Armes de Guerre?

100- 10000 USD depending on specifics.

Who makes 5.7x28 rifles?

Fabrique Nationale

What does the FN on a browning shotgun mean?

FN is the abbreviation for Fabrique Nationale Arms Co. of Herstal, Belgium. They made most of the A-5 shotguns and Superposed shotguns for Browning USA.

What year Browning Fabrique Nationale 16 gauge made Serial Number 43904? has a sn function under customer service.

What year is Fabrique-nationale-herstal-liege belguim - browning 12 gauge shotgun serial?

No way to answer since a serial number was not provided.

Who is the fn?

This is the Belgian firearms company Fabrique Nationale