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Without a detailed description, someone would have to research every serial number of every model of revolver Colt ever made.

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What is the Manufacture date of a Colt Official Police Revolver Serial Number 904734?

Colt official police with serial # 904734 was produced around 1965

What is the age of a colt cobra revolver serial B74385?

Based on serial # B74385,it was produced in 1971.

What is the age of a colt revolver cereal 78918?

what kind of revolver?? by the way, its serial number

What is the age of a colt revolver serial number 8707 name of the revolver is Police Positive 38?

The Colt police positive .38 with sn 8707 was produced in 1906.The second year of production.

New colt police double action revolver serial number 13804?

If it is a Colt new police .32,it was produced around 1902

What model smith and Wesson revolver do you have with serial number afy6xxx?

You can not tell the model number with just the serial number.

What year is a Colt single action revolver serial number 305068?

A Colt single action army (Pre-War) with the serial # 305068 would have been produced around 1908.

What is the value of a Smith and Weston revolver serial number 100t05?

No such serial number in Smith and Wesson data.

What is the number on bottom of hand grip on sw revolver revealing?

The number on the butt is the serial number. The serial number will allow you to date it.

How do you find serial number ruger revolver?

Ruger has a serial number search function on the company web site.

When was the colt 44 revolver with serial number A14854 made?

Proofhouse.com has Colt serial number tables you can look at.

What is the age of a Colt revolver serial number dT9T22?

What Colt model? Serial number given, dT9T22 does not compute.

What was the manufacture date of a Smith Wesson Model 617 revolver with serial number 7700?

You did not list the serial number. The serial number should follow this example - CCB8765

32 colt revolver serial no 195718 year of manufacture?

Proofhouse.com has Colt serial number tables.

What is the date of a colt .45 revolver with a serial number of 35 361 and is this a special serial number?

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

Colt 32 cal. hammer less revolver serial number 144844 any info on when made?

Colt model 1903 hammerless .32 was produced in 1913.

What year was a colt 45 revolver serial 7880SA made?

Proofhouse.com has Colt serial number information you can use.

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