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Depends on what alex suarez you are talking about.

If you are talking about the one in Cobra Starship, his was born on, April 6, 1981

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Who is the bassists of Cobra Starship?

Alex Suarez.

What does suarez mean?

Suare means pretty. Alex Suarez uses his last name as a nickname.

When was Diego Suarez born?

Diego Suarez was born in 1888.

When was Georges Suarez born?

Georges Suarez was born in 1890.

When was Ryan Suarez born?

Ryan Suarez was born in 1977.

When was Eugene Suarez born?

Eugene Suarez was born in 1931.

When was Fernando Suarez born?

Fernando Suarez was born in 1967.

Is Alex Suarez a vegetarian?

No, he eats a bit of meat occasionally.

Does alex Suarez have a girlfriend?

yes. his name is victor asher.

When was Jeremy Suarez born?

Jeremy Suarez was born on July 6, 1990.

When was Ray Suarez born?

Ray Suarez was born on March 5, 1957.

When was Francisco Suarez born?

Francisco Suarez was born on January 5, 1548.

When was Mauricio Suarez born?

Mauricio Suarez was born on 1968-10-05.

When was Ken Suarez born?

Ken Suarez was born on 1943-04-14.

When was Luis Ruiz Suarez born?

Luis Ruiz Suarez was born in 1913.

When was Lorgio Suarez born?

Lorgio Suarez was born on 1990-12-05.

When was Juan Suarez Botas born?

Juan Suarez Botas was born in 1958.

When was Temoc Suarez born?

Temoc Suarez was born on 1975-04-19.

When was Daniel Suarez born?

Daniel Suarez was born on 1964-12-21.

When was David Suarez born?

David Suarez was born on 1979-06-09.

When was Mayra Suarez born?

Mayra Suarez was born on 1986-02-27.

Is Alex Suarez gay?

i personally think he is because of the movie whirlwind

When was Anthony R. Suarez born?

Anthony R. Suarez was born in 1967.

When was Kenny Suarez born?

Kenny Suarez was born in Bronx, in New York, USA.

When was Rafael Vargas-Suarez born?

Rafael Vargas-Suarez was born in 1972.

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