When was art deco started?

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Late 1920's and the 1930's.

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Q: When was art deco started?
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What started the pop art movement?

Pop Art MovementArt Deco :)

What statement about art noveau and art deco is true?

Art deco was prominently featured in architecture.

What is art-deco?

Art Deco is an art which you use different types of shapes to create images.

What is the duration of Art Deco Detective?

The duration of Art Deco Detective is 1.68 hours.

What has the author Mary K Grimes written?

Mary K. Grimes has written: 'The impact of art deco: 1925-1940' -- subject(s): Art deco, Exhibitions, Modern Art 'The impact of art deco' -- subject(s): Art deco, Exhibitions

When was Art Deco Detective created?

Art Deco Detective was created on 1994-09-16.

What matierials did they use for art deco jewelry and why?

art deco is a style of architecture not a clothing and jewelry style.

Which movement did pop art follow?

Art Deco :)

Art deco master?

Art deco is principally a style of decoration and design. Very few painters fit into this style. Yet Tamara de Lempicka's paintings are often labelled art deco.

How do you spell decko?

As used in architecture, this would be "deco" as in "art deco", a style.

What kind of painting is an art deco ring?

An art deco ring is not painted, but it is a beautifully ornate piece of metalwork that is often considered quite valuable. Art deco is an artistry style from the 1920s and 30s, and is known for its use of geometric shapes. For its time, art deco was considered to be rather modern.

What has the author Frans Leidelmeijer written?

Frans Leidelmeijer has written: 'Art deco beelden van Bali (1930-1970)' -- subject(s): Art deco, Exhibitions, Indonesian Wood sculpture 'Art nouveau en art deco in Nederland' -- subject(s): Art deco, Art nouveau, Decoration and ornament, Decorative arts, History

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