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When was bridge built?

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Who built the arch bridge?

in 1789 it is one of the oldest bridge built in 1789 it is one of the oldest bridge built

Who built the bosphorus bridge?

who built turkey bhosphorus bridgeBosphorus bridge was built in 1973 by the Cleveland Bridge and Engineering of Darlington England.

Who built the London bridge first?

The original bridge was built by the Romans

Who built the banpo bridge?

George Hojinski built the bridge. He was German

Who built the tay bridge?

Thomas Bouch built Tay Bridge

When was the trajan's bridge built?

Tranjan's Bridge, or Bridge of Apollodorus, was built over the Danube River around 103-105 AD.

When was the first Iron bridge built?

the first iron bridge built was in 1839

Who built bascule bridge?

i think Paul Mallery built Bascule bridge

Who built the ha'penny bridge?

penny winkle built his ha'penny bridge lol

When was the lions gate bridge built?

The Lions Gate Bridge was built in 1950

Why was the Kintai Bridge built?

The Kintai Bridge was built as an access to the Iwakuni Castle.

Who built the Panama bridge?

The bridge was built by a joint venture of Bilfinger Berger of Germany and Baulderstone from Australia. The same JV also built the My Thuan Bridge and the Phu My Bridges in vietnam. Additionaly Baulderstone built the Anzac Bridge in Sydney and Bilfinger built the Golden Ears Bridge in Vancouver.

What are some forces that act on a bridge?

The forces that acts on the bridge is the way the bridge is built or the mass that is put on the bridge. Some are different it only depends on how the bridge is built.

When was the Kawarau bridge built?

The Kawarau bridge was built during the gold rush of the 1880s.

Who built the Tower Bridge London?

Anthony Hopwick is believed to have built the Tower Bridge

When was the Lendal Bridge in York built?

Lendal Bridge was built by Thomas Page in 1863

What is the date the Great Belt bridge was built?

the bridge was built 199000,00 years ago

Why the tyne bridge was built?

For the same reason any bridge is built; to cross the river.

What state was the first beam bridge built?

The first beam bridge was built in America

When was the London Bridge built in Az?

The London bridge was built in Arizona in the year 1831. This is built over Lake Havasu.

What is the first bridge built on the river Thames?

The first bridge was a Roman pontoon bridge built for military purposes, in the London area

When was the london bridge created?

London Bridge was built (to replace a bridge having been built by the Romans) in 1176. It was being built for 33 years. Until 1750, it was the only bridge which crossed the Thames. The modern London Bridge was built in 1973. (The original one was sold to an American businessman.)

Was tower bridge re-built?

The tower bridge was re-build. The bridge was re-done in the year 1876. Tower Bridge was completed in 1894. There was no bridge on that site before then.

Who built the Forth railway bridge?

The forth railway bridge was built by Sir William Arroll.

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