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When was cricket first invented?

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Who was invented the cricket first in this world?

Cricket was invented by the english, it is mainly played in the commonwealth countries.

What was invented first cricket or baseball?

by far cricket. baseball actually desended off of cricket

Who invented the first cricket bat?

Thomas Nixon

Which country invented cricket?

England invented cricket

Is the Cricket invented in Australia?

No, the cricket was invented in England.

When was cricket invented?

Cricket was invented by Australians in the 17th century.

Was cricket invented in 1787?

Yes cricket was invented in 1787....

Who invented the sport cricket?

i think Greeks invented the sport cricket

What year did England start playing cricket?

When cricket was invented they invented it

How cricket invented?

cricket was invented when they played a game with a stick and a ball then stumps

Who invented the modern style of Cricket?

Indian penguins invented cricket in 1526AD.

Place where the game of cricket was invented?

Cricket was invented in England in 16th century.

Who invent cricket first?

Cricket was first invented by the British and they spread it through their commonwealth, in more recent year cricket has been spread to ares that were never part of the British empire, like Holland.

Where is cricket from?

england. England invented cricket in the 1800s.

World's frest cricket match?

Indoor Cricket was first invented in 1970 has its own nominal international championships, including World Cups.

Did they use to play cricket in the 1600s?

no cricket was invented in the 1800s

When was Indian cricket invented?

Cricket was introduced to India by European merchant sailors in 18th century. The first cricket club in India was established in Calcutta in 1792. India played their first test match in 25th June 1932 at lords.

When and where was cricket invented?


Who is invented cricket?

The English.

Who invented the cricket bat?

History has not recorded who invented the cricket bat although written record suggest that cricket was started around the 12th century and the bat would have been invented around that time.

When was cricket first played in the West Indies?

soon after it was invented as Britain invented it and we owned most of that area back then probably in the 17 hundreds

Where was cricket invented?

Cricket was first documented as being played in southern England in the 16th century, the expansion of the British Empire lead to it being played overseas.

Who invented the cricket ball?

Hamlet Nicholson is the inventor of cricket ball.

Who invented cricket ball?

Hamlet Nicholson is the inventor of cricket ball.

When cricket Born?

This one also based on cricket. English men invented it. Cricket born in England.