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It was built in 1873 and finished in 1875

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When was Currituck Beach Light created?

Currituck Beach Light was created in 1875.

What is the circumference of Currituck Beach Lighthouse?

the circumference of currituck lighthouse

What are facts about the currituck beach lighthouse?

The Height Of The lighthouse is Feet

What is the beam strength of the Currituck light house?

The Currituck Beach Lighthouse has a beam of 1,000 watts. I hope I helped. ~Maddy ☺

Who built Currituck lighthouse?

well i dont know who built it but i know that it has red bricks214 steps

Is the Currituck Beach lighthouse the original?

Yes. Also has the original Fresnel lens.

What it the color of currituck beach lighthouse?

It's black with grey and a little white on it that's what my friend keianna told me

How many stairs does Currituck Beach Lighthouse have?

It has 214 steps to the outdoor gallery however no access to the lens room is currently allowed.

What is the Currituck lighthouse made of?

The Currituck Lighthouse was made of about 1,000,000 red bricks. It was never painted.

What is the closest town to Currituck Lighthouse?

Corrola, North Carolina is the closest town to Currituck Lighthouse.

When was Currituck National Wildlife Refuge created?

Currituck National Wildlife Refuge was created in 1984.

What year was pleasure beach built?

the pleasure beach in Blackpool was built in 1894.

What is the area of Currituck National Wildlife Refuge?

The area of Currituck National Wildlife Refuge is 33.654 square kilometers.

What is the phone number of the Currituck County Library in Barco?

The phone number of the Currituck County Library is: 252-453-8345.

Where is the Currituck County Library in Barco located?

The address of the Currituck County Library is: 4261 Caratoke Hwy, Barco, 27917 9707

Where can I find a cheap beach getaway for a family?

Stay as close to home as possible so you drive rather than fly to a beach getaway. Also, camping rather than a hotel stay will cut the costs. In North Carolina, Currituck Outer Banks and Carolina Beach is available.

What is the name of the keeper for Currituck Island Lighthouse?

There hasn't been a lighthouse keeper at Currituck Island Lighthouse since it was automated back in 1939.

How many records does the Currituck Beach Lighthouse hold?

about three! one for height, another for width, third for being the only lighthouse with 2 floors of museum like exhibits!

Was currituck lighthouse repainted?

The Currituck Lighthouse was never painted. Although it was made of red bricks, so you could tell it apart from other lighthouses.

How many miles from Currituck to Disney World?

Presuming you mean Currituck County in North Carolina, that would be 773 miles, give or take depending on your starting point.

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