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When was first microphone invented?

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the microphonethe microphone was invented by Emile Berliner
2011-03-09 17:16:49
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Q: When was first microphone invented?
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Where was the first microphone invented?


Who invented first microphone?

charles wheatstone

Where was the first carbon microphone invented?

David Edward Hughes invented the carbon microphone. He lived from 1831-1900, and lived in London, England.

Who invented the first wireless microphone?

Emile Berliner in 1887

What did emile berliner invent?

Emile Berliner invented the first microphone and the first gramophone.

What is the oldest microphone?

The oldest microphone would have to be an echo canyon followed by cupped hands around the mouth. Thomas Edison invented the first electronic microphone.

Who invented the first microphone employed a carbon element that was and is used in telephones?

i did

Who invented the microphone first?

Emile Berliner and Thomas Edison invented the first carbon microphone within a month of one another in 1877. Patent rights were eventually assigned to Edison. For a more detailed history of the microphone you might wish to see the wikipedia article.

When were microphones invented?

The Microphone was invented in 1876

What invention was needed before the telephone was invented?

First there needed to be the microphone and a rudimentary loudspeaker.

Who invented microphone?

my mom

Did Alexander Graham Bell invent a microphone?

No, he invented the telephone, but Emile Berliner invented the microphone for the telephone invention.

Who invented the microphone?

Emile Berliner invented the microphone in 1876. He was attempting to improve the telephone patented by Alexander Graham Bell.

Who discovered the microphone?

In 1877, German immigrant, Emile Berliner invented the microphone.

Who invented the computer microphone?


What year was the microphone invented?


Where was the microphone invented?

Several early inventors built primitive microphones, called transmitters, prior to Alexander Bell, but the first commercially practical microphone was the carbon microphone conceived in October 1876 by Thomas Edison. Many early developments in microphone design took place at Bell Laboratories, including the first condenser microphone, described by Wente in 1914. Cheers ebs

Who invented the the microphone?

Thomas Alva Edition.

Who invented the scanner and computer microphone?


Who invented the condenser microphone?

E.C. Went

When was the ribbon microphone invented?

when earth died

Was the microphone invented by a mechanical engineer?


Whos invented the teleohone?

The telephone was invented by Graham Bell. The essential parts that he worked on are the microphone and the speaker. The microphone starts off the transmitter component.

What scientist invented the first wireless microphone?

Ummmmmmmm Not sure. I think it might have been a gye named david.

Who invented microphones?

James West and Gerhard Sessler invented the electric microphone.