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When was it first played?


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It was first played AND invented in the UK

Volleyball was first played in 1896.

No it was first played in Germany

Darts was first played in 1870.

Basketball was first played in NewYork.

When he played his first match.

In 1895 was the first time they played netball

it was first played in north America

jazz was played first in New Orleans

England played cricket first.

The first match was played in 1877.

the first lottery was played in new york

The first matches were played on 11/11/1871

soccer was first played in USA. Football was first played in England,BRAZIL,WEST GERMANY,FRANCE etc.

it was first played in 1858 but the first AFL game was 1990

Softball was first played in a gym on Thanksgiving day.

Basketball was first played in Springfield, Massachusetts, where it was invented.

soccer was first played by the England dutchman in 1448.

Cincinnati Redlegs played the first game.

Squash was first played in London but it was not an offical game as such.

The first game of chess was played in India.

an aboriginal named lefofty first played the didgeridoo

It was first played in England, around the 1800's.

The first string instruments were played in Greece.

Football was first invented and played by the English.

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