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The ivory trade was made illegal in 1979.

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Q: When was ivory trade made illegal?
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When was ivory made illegal?

The ivory trade was made illegal in 1979.

Why did poaching start?

People do it for ivory trade. Ivory is very expensive, but now ivory trade is illegal (good thing that happened.)

What is the value of ivory per ounce?

IT has no value as it is internationally illegal to trade in ivory.

Why is the illegal ivory trade a problem?

Because people kill animals to get to their ivory. These animals face extiction

Is selling ivory in Canada illegal?

yes, selling ivory anywhere is illegal. sorry but this is untrue international trade was halted from 1989. Since then trade of ivories already within a given country has been generally permitted.

How much is your ivory carving worth?

Ivory is worth a lot and is illegal to trade. Ivory is obtained by the killing of elephants for their tusks or rhinos for their horns. DONT BUY IVORY NO MATTER WHAT THE VALUE!

Xmas stuff made of ivory?

In most countries, it is illegal to deal, sell or own ivory.

How much is a 3 inch ivory figure worth?

It is illegal to sell or trade ivory tusks. It has been banned since 1989.

How do you think poachers were affected when ivory trade became illegal?

They had to be more careful not to get caught .

What is old ivory?

Ivory is a material which is harvested from animal teeth, bones, or tusks, often used in carvings or embellishments. While popular up through the 19th century, the ivory trade has caused many species of animals to go extinct or become critically endangered, and therefore is heavily restricted. Most countries have made it illegal to sell, trade, purchase, or create products made from ivory.

What are ivory combs?

Exactly what it sounds like - a comb made out of ivory. Ivory is the trade name for stuff made from elephants' tusks, or the teeth of certain animals.

Can you sell ivory beads?

No. In many countries including the United States, selling ivory is illegal. Also, do not export ivory. That is highly illegal too. Sorry, but the above answer is wrong. If your Asian ivory was imported before 1976 and is at least 100 years old, it is legal to buy, sell, or trade interstate. If your carved African Ivory was imported before 1989, it is legal to buy, sell, trade or export.

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