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When was longitude discovered?

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It was 1491 in China I think. :-)

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How was longitude discovered?

Longitude was never discovered. It is just set by the geometry of the earth and in some standards also taking use of the references of hours and minutes.

Who discovered latitude and longitude?

Hipparchus, the ancient greek philosopher

How can the split infinitive in -Yang Qing discovered a method to precisely determine longitude- be fixed?

One way is to move the adverb: Yang Qing discovered a method to determine longitude precisely. Another way is to convert the adverb to an adjective: Yang Qing discovered a precise method to determine longitude.

Who discovered zero degree longitude?

Zero degrees longitude (the Prime Meridian) is a human invention, adopted by international agreement.

Which philosopher discovered latitude and longitude?

Hipparchus, ancient greek philosopher

Amerigo Vespucci what affects did that have on the US?

America is named after him. He discovered longitude and latitude. Made maps.

Why was the zero meridian decided to be in Greenwich?

Because the Headquarters of the Admiralty, the British Royal Navy, were in Greenwich, SE London, when the measurement of Longitude was discovered.

what are the longitude and longitude of brazil?

14.2350ยฐ S, 51.9253ยฐ W

Is there a sentence for longitude?

A phrase for longitude is "meridian of longitude."

Do you capitalize 'longitude'?

No. Longitude is a common noun and does not require capitalization.

Latitufe and longitude?

this question is wrong. this was "latitude and longitude" not "Latitufe and longitude".

Sentence for longitude?

A sentence for a longitude can be, "When you know the longitude in your location, you can tell the time easily." The main longitude is the Greenwich Meridian.

What does longitude mmean?

you find a location with latitude and longitude. longitude is east and West.

What latitude and longitude is wauwatosa?


What is France's longitude?

5 longitude

What are the antonyms of 'longitude'?


How do you spell longitude?

Longitude is correct.

Is the International Date line a line of longitude?

no, it's two lines of longitude. 180 degrees longitude and 0 degrees longitude.

What is the abbreviation for longitude?

The abbreviation for longitude is long.

The longitude of Spain?

The longitude of Spain is 30.

Where is 88.9 longitude and 30.4 longitude?

on earth

What is the longitude for 0N15E?

15 E is the longitude.

All locations on the same longitude have the same what?

All locations on the same longitude have the same longitude.

What is the difference between 135 degrees longitude and 60 degrees longitude?

75 degrees longitude.

What is the ladtitude and longitude of Turkey?

the ladtitude of earth is 4.8. the longitude is 15.10. that is the ladtitude and longitude of earth.