When was mononcleusis discovered?

It was discovered in the 1800's but a group of German doctors. Mononucleosis was first named 'glandular fever ' by a group of German doctors in the 1880s. They named it 'glandular fever ' because you get swollen glands and lymph nodes (part of your immune system) when you suffer from it. In 1889 Dr. E. Pfeiffer was said to have written the first most comprehensive discussion and description of the virus. But it was not until 1920 that glandular fever was given the name 'infectious mononucleosis ' by Thomas P. Sprunt and Frank A. Evans. So when you ask 'who discovered mononucleosis ? ', it's worth noting that although the virus was apparently first described in the 1880s, the term 'infectious mononucleosis ' wasn't coined until 1920.