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whenever the Chinese came to the USA and found California and shared their paper idea. That's all I know because China invented paper so you know

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Q: When was paper discovered in California?
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When did paper get discovered?

paper was discovered during 105 a.d in china

When did paper get discovered in china?

paper was discovered in china during 105 A.D

Who discovered paper money?

Paper money was invented not discovered. Probably by the Chinese.

When was California discovered?

It was discovered in 1542

When was paper airplane discovered?

After invention of paper .

Where was gold discovered in California?

SanFrancisco California

How was the paper discovered in Egypt?

Egypt was discovered in 9009

California's population grew quickly after silver was discovered there in 1920?

This is not true. Silver was discovered in California in 1848 or 1849. But I do supect that the population grew when they discovered it.

Who discover paper clip?

The paper clip was not discovered. It was invented.

What was discovered in1849 and where?

Gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in California.

Where was mendelevium discovered?

Mendelevium was discovered at the, Radiation Laboratory of the University of California in Berkeley, California Madison Jacob

Who discovered paper?

Jess roller

how was viva paper towel first discovered?

The VIVA brand of paper towel sprung from a need for a premium paper towel that felt much more like cloth than paper. It was not necessarily discovered, but produced by the Kimberly-Clark corporation.

Californium why was it named after the state California?

It was discovered in a lab in California, USA.

What was the main location of the gold rush?

California because it was discovered at California

Did Marco polo discovered the paper money?

Yes, he did discover the paper money.

Where was the grizzly bear discovered?


What was discovered in California in 1848?


How many years was gold discovered in California?

in 1848

Who discovered the Gulf of California?

the Mexicans

What year was California discovered in?


What happend after gold was discovered in California in 1848?

The discovery of gold in California is what started " The California Gold-Rush"

In 1849 thousands of Americans traveled to California to?

Gold was discovered in northern California.

When was oil discovered in California?

The first large find in California was made in the 1890s

Where was paper first discovered?

Paper was never 'discovered', as it is man-made using the wood from trees. The earliest form of paper was called papyrus and was invented by the Egyptians to write down cures and remedies for illness.