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When was plant detergent first used?

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It has been used for AGES! That's what they started out with.

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Unless it is eco-friendly detergent, just plain ole laundry detergent will surly whither the plant

The detergent does affect plant growth because the detergent has too much chemicals that are very poisonous to the plant!->Tatiana

detergent would be quicker, depends on the type and active ingrediant in the detergent though

laundry detergent first came about in 1897.

yes because detergent is poisious to most all living things

Detergent denatures (breaks up) proteins, which can then be precipitated and the DNA can be isolated

the first detergent ever made was homericky they made it in the 1700'S.

The first automatic dishwashing detergent was invented in 1948 by a company named Electrasol.

Well it affects it by depending on which kind of plant it is. Leona Thomas

Yes of course it has lots of chemicals in it!!

The detergent itself. A detergent is a molecule with a polar head and a non-polar tail. In interferes with the cell membrane and makes the plant cell unable to control what crosses the membrane.

It would depend on the detergent and how much was used.

form_title= Natural Detergent form_header= Wash your clothes with natural detergent. What size detergent bottle do you want to buy?*= _ [50] Have you ever used natural detergent before?*= () Yes () No Do you have any coupons?*= () Yes () No

The word 'Detergent' is an American English word, often used to describe washing power.

Non-detergent oil, such as SAE 30, is not used in modern passenger vehicle engines. It is still used in some gasoline engines such as lawnmowers.

It is a compound mixture. Which compounds are used totally depends on the detergent.

soap is for your hands and detergent is for laundry

Dish soap is a neutral detergent used in your kitchen.

The most common mineral which is used in laundry detergent are phosphates. This is used in detergents to remove hard water minerals in clothing.

regular water (its easy to figure out

can a dishwashing detergent without phospate be used in an automatic dishwasher with damage

normally the plant or leaf gets sunburnt and dies, this happens if a plant is sprayed (or the leaves are sprayed) with detergent as this breaks down the cuticle

Detergent contains surfactants and salts which help to dissolve dirt and oil from the materials being cleaned.

Laundry detergent contains powerful surfactants such as sodium dodecyl sulfate. These detergents characteristically aggregate lipids and denature proteins. When detergents are absorbed by a plant, the detergents can cause cell membranes to collapse and membranes to function improperly. This can cause part or all of a plant to die.

what ingredients are used in detergent

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