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Since you posted this under Winchester and the serial number is over 3 Million, I'll assume you have a model 94. There is a serial number list at the related question.

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Q: When was serial number 3037162 made?
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What year was marlin rifle made serial number 20123018?

It was made in 1980,with the serial number that you have provided.

When was your Colt Commander serial number CJ01877 made?

Are you sure about that serial number??

When was your Stevens shotgun made with serial number 97211?

with a serial number of E261611

When was Colt Detective Special serial number 03805R made?

Per , with that serial number, it was made in 1977.

What year was marlin 1894 serial number 20161980 made?

Your serial number indicates that it was made in the year 1980.

What year where the following savage mod 99 made serial numbers 264108 185869 and 33.807?

Serial number 264108 was made in 1924,serial number 185869 was made in 1916,serial number 33807 was made in the year 1903.I hope that you find this informative.

When was the Remington 1903A3 with serial number 3890344 made?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Remington model 1903A3 was made in the year 1942.The first serial number assigned to this rifle was serial number 3,348,086,So as you can see yours was made early on in World War II.

What year was Smith and Wesson 38 Spl serial 8p59470 made?

No such serial number. The serial number is on the butt.

How do you tell the date when your gun was made?

Usually by the serial number. If no serial number, then by features

When was colt pistol serial number 762826 made?

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

Can you find out when a smith and Wesson gun was made by serial number?

serial number 28402

What is the manufacturer date of a Stevens shotgun serial number S18892?

The letter on the serial number usually indicates the date it was made. The letter "S" on your serial number indicates that it was made on 1965.

What year was Ithaca model 37 serial number 586245 made?

The serial number indicates your gun was made in 1955.

What year was Winchester model 12 serial number 341197 made and what does the serial number tell you?

1923; it tells you when it was made.

What year was the colt woodsman 22 LR serial number made 73246?

Serial Number 73246 was made in in 1930

When was Colt Python serial number F76008 made?

The records I have show a Colt Cobra with that serial number made in 1974.

What year smith and Wesson serial number k 66913 made?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your serial number dates to the year 1948.

When was the sporting rifle Winchester model 1873 with a serial number of about 300000 made?

Your Winchester model 1873 was made in the year 1889,with a serial number of about 300,000.The year 1889 started with serial number 284,530,and ended with serial number 323,956.

When was the Remington 700 serial number G652 8591 made?

1986 from the G in the serial number.

When was serial number 4912101 made?

It is impossible to tell when a firearm was made with just the serial number. You have to provide the name of the maker also.

How do you get the year a gun was made from its serial number?

by making reference to maker, model AND serial number it is possible to find date it was made...........

What year was Colt Frontier Scout serial number 26795P made?

The Colt Frontier Scout with that serial number was made in 1965.

What year was a colt challenger serial number 59988-c made?

A Colt challenger with that serial number was made in 1952.

What year is your gun made?

Impossible to answer without the serial number and who made it. Even then, there might not be any published serial number data.

What year was Winchester model 70 made with serial number 888869?

You serial number indicates that your rifle was made in the year 1968.