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When was shoe polish invented?

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According to Wikipedia, the idea of shoe polish came about during medieval times. What we call shoe polish today was first distributed by an Irish company called Punch in 1851.

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Who invented shoe polish?

William Ramsey and Hamilton McKellan invented boot polish in 1904 in Melbourne, Australia. This was the first polish formula to induce shine.

Who was the name of the inventor of the shoe polisher?

Shoe polish was first invented in Poland during the 15th century, hence the term "Polish." Shoe polish was just one of many great Polish inventions of the period, with others including submarines with screen doors, circular firing squads. It's creation is usually credited to Jimski Crowski,

How do you get shoe polish of of boots?

inform total manufacturing process of canvas shoe polish

What are the ingredients for making shoe polish?

what ingrediant in shoe polish makes shoes shine?

How does shoe polish kill a werewolf?

because shoe polish kills everything go drink shoe polish next morning your mother will be making funeral arangments

What is the Kiwi shoe polish key thought?

Iwant to know about manufacturing of shoe polish container.

How do you clean white Adidas socks?

you need to get white shoe polish --Then what do you do with the white shoe polish?

How does shoe polish kill werewolves?

Shoe polish has silver nitrate in it and silver kills werewolves.

Does putting pennies into shoe polish do anything to it?

the only thing that will happen is your penny will be filthy with shoe polish.

How you say shoe store in polish?

"Shoe store" in Polish is "sklep obuwniczy" or "sklep z butami".

How do you make black SHOe polish?

1. Go to store. 2. Buy black shoe polish.

What is the element of shoe polish?

Depending on the shoe polish, the main element may vary slightly. Modern day shoe polish is made up of a combination of elements, which include turpentine and gum arabic.

What are the ratings and certificates for Shoe Polish - 2014?

Shoe Polish - 2014 is rated/received certificates of: UK:12

When was the first shoe invented?

when was the first shoe invented

Does using shoe polish for mens shoes increase their longevity?

No shoe polish keeps the tops new looking, the soles and the inside of the shoe will still keep wearing.

How do you make a shoe polish?


Is shoe polish a recyclable waste?


Are polish and Polish homophones?

No. 'Polish', as in a person from Poland, is pronounced "POE-lish". The other 'polish', as in shoe polish, is pronounced "PAW-lish".

Is shoe polish acid or base?

Yes. Shoe polish turns blue litmus paper red, therefore suggesting that it is an acdic substance.

Who invented the shoe in London?

The shoe that was invented in London was Thomas Beard.

Who invented nail polish because?

Charles Panati invented nail polish

What happens when you eat shoe polish?

you die

Is shoe polish an acid or a base?


What does Cholewka mean in Polish?

shoe upper

Can shoe polish kill if eaten?