When was starkiller born?

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Starkiller was born 19 BBY (He died 2 BBY) in Star Wars.

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Q: When was starkiller born?
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Did starkiller die or not in force unleashed?

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Starkiller did die in the first Force Unleashed. The Starkiller in the second Force Unleashed is actually a clone.

Does starkiller die in the force unleashed 2?

No, Darth Vader clones the original Starkiller, and then trains him to be just the same as before. But the original Starkiller is not dead. ( he is in hiding.)

In the trailer on star wars the force unleashed II is that the real starkiller or his clone?

It is a clone. Starkiller is clearly seen dead in the first TFU . Starkiller IS a clone. Look it up in wookiepedia.

Who is anakin starkiller?

Anakin Starkiller was the name for Luke Skywalker in the original draft for the 1st starwars movie.

What hapens to starkiller?

he dies at the end of force unleashed 1 but force unleashed 2 is about a clone starkiller.

What planet was starkiller from?

He was from kashyyyk

Does starkiller get killed in the 2 one?

he did technically die in the first one... in nr 2. u play a clone of starkiller

How can they make a Star Wars force unleashed 2 starkiller died?

In the official website of The Force Unleashed II it says he was cloned, but nobody knows by who. Darth Vader was the one to clone Starkiller and another 50,000 Starkiller's

Is starkiller better than Darth Vader?

No, Darth Vader is stronger in the force and could beat Starkiller easily, if he didn't have that suit on.

How did the guy from star wars TFU 2 come back to life?

Starkiller? He was actually a clone of the original Starkiller, who is really Galen Marek.

Starkiller vs anakin?

Anakin Askywalker

Is maris brood starkiller sister?

No. Starkiller's real name is Galen Marek. And they cannot be siblings anyway because Galen is a human and Maris is a Zabrak.

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