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Construction started on the Sydney Harbor Bridge on July 28, 1923. The bridge opened for traffic on March 19, 1932.


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Sydney harbor was opened on March 19,1932 and it was built January 19,1932.

The Harbor Bridge was built in the year 1932. This bridge is 3,770 feet in length and is 161 feet wide. This bridge crosses over Sydney Harbor.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was opened for use in 1932, between the business district and the North Shore of Sydney, Australia.

No there was no bridge prior to Sydney harbour bridge . Sydney harbour bridge opened on March , 1932 .

Anyone who wants to go can go to sydney harbor bridge :)

Construction began on the Sydney Harbour Bridge first but as the Tyne Bridge was on a smaller scale it was completed at least 3 years before the Sydney Harbour Bridge was finished.

Sydney Harbour Bridge is located in Sydney, Australia.

Sydney Harbour Bridge was created in 1932.

the harbor bridge is 78 years old

It is located in Sydney, Australia. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is a steel through arch bridge across Sydney Harbor that carries rail, vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian traffic between the Sydney central business district (CBD) and the North Shore. The dramatic view of the bridge, the harbor, and the nearby Sydney Opera House is an iconic image of Sydney and Australia.

Sydney Harbour bridge spans Sydney harbour

yes, it's also the largest arch bridge in the world

Sydney harbour bridge is located on Australia's east coast in the Sydney .

No. Sydney Harbour Bridge is not the longest bridge, by any means. It is the largest steel arch bridge in the world, but it is not the longest.

NO! the sydney harbour bridge is an icon of sydney..if they got rid of it they would have to build another bridge anyway.. so there is no point

They built the Sydney Harbour bridge for a good reason. If there was no bridge how would u get across to the other side without having to take a ferry.

Crossing Sydney Harbour.

No but it is near the Darling Harbour Bridge

One city is Sydney Australia where the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a prominent feature.

First of all, its Sydney. Secondly it's in Sydney Australia.

Sydney Harbour is the harbour over which the Sydney Harbour Bridge is built.

It stood's as the Icon of Sydney and Australia to the world. Sydney Harbor bridge serves as the engineering marvelousness of its time.I have not seen any New Year celebration News (Shown in TV ) any where in the world without showning the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Sydney harbor bridge is not for sale yet. neither is the Opera house

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