When was the AWP sniper designed?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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It was designed in 1982(PM) , 1983(AW).

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Q: When was the AWP sniper designed?
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What is the awp on counter strike?

Magnum Sniper.

What is the difference between a well l96 airsoft sniper rifle and a well l96 awp sniper rifle?

There is no difference.

What sniper rifle does Michael weston use?

Accuracy International Arctic Warfare or AWM AWP.

Can you use .30g bbs on the well l96 awp spring airsoft sniper rifle?

You can but i suggest .25 or .28

What is the strongest weapon in counter strike?

The AWP, magnum sniper-rifle, inflicts the most damage. It is often a one-hit-kill.

I just got an airsoft wellfire L96 bolt action awp type 96 sniper and I need an extra mag. where can I find one?

try eBay or

What is the rail size of an airsoft agm l96 awp spring airsoft sniper gun od?

Its a 20mm weaver rail. So almost ALL scope mounts will fit on it

Is the wellfire L96 full metal bolt action AWP type 96 sniper rifle spring or gas operated?

this is a bolt action spring powered airsoft sniper rifle and i highly recommend it as well i had one till it got stolen and i am about to purchase another one asap so i have experience using it.

Is a agm l96 awp spring airsoft sniper gun from airsplat metal or plastic?

The body is the only thing that is plastic on the gun, except the piston and orange cap. The inards and barrel are all metal hope this helped

What are some really cool looking airsoft sniper rifles for around 80 to 130 dollars?

i think the L.R.S.A on is pretty cool but its $190. So I've got to say for bolt action awp but for aeg M14

In what year did Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund - AWP - have its IPO?

Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (AWP)had its IPO in 2007.

How do you get more damage in couter strike 1.3?