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When was the Apollo 3 spacecraft launched?

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There were no spacecraft named Apollo 2 or 3

Sometimes one of the unmanned test missions is erroneously called Apollo 3. This was the AS202 mission which tested the command and service modules in suborbital flight. This was launched on August 26th 1966.

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What spacecraft launched in 1969?

N.A.S.A launched Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 in 1969.

Which state was the spacecraft Apollo 11 launched from?

The Apollo was launched from Cape Kennedy from the state of Florida.

What was the first Apollo?

Apollo 1, but the first Apollo to be launched was Apollo 7, a three man spacecraft.

When was the Apollo 11 spacecraft launched?

July 16, 1969

What is apollo11?

Apollo 11 was a spacecraft launched for the moon, with three astronauts.

Which spacecraft was successfully launched on 16 July 1969?


What was the last manned spacecraft to travel to the moon and when was it launched?

It was Apollo 17 and it was launched on December 7th, 1972.

Where did the spacecraft take off from?

NASA's Apollo and Space Shuttle spacecraft all launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Where was Neil Armstrong's spacecraft launched from?

Apollo 11 was launched from Cape Kennedy where all their spacecrafts are launched from. It was called Cape Carneval before.

What was the first spaceship called?

The first manned flight to the moon was on an Apollo spacecraft launched by America.

Where did Neil Armstrong blast to the moon?

The Apollo 11 spacecraft was launched to the moon from Cape kennedy.

What is apollo1?

Apollo1 was the first spacecraft in the Apollo mission to launched into orbit and land directly land on the moon.

What was the name of the first spacecraft to take humans to the moon?

Launched by the Saturn 5 rocket (the largest rocket ever built), the first spacecraft to take men to the moon was the Apollo spacecraft.

How did neil armstong get to the moon?

Neil Armstrong was launched to the moon in the Apollo 11 spacecraft, with the help of the Saturn 5 rocket.

Which Apollo spacecraft blew up on the launchpad?

There was a fire in Apollo 1 which killed the 3 astronauts.

What was the name of the Apollo spacecraft?

the Apollo spacecraft name was ....... satern v (8-]

How many men were in each Apollo spacecraft?


When was Apollo 1 launched?

Apollo one was never launched.

Who launched Apollo 11?

N.A.S.A launched Apollo 11.

Where in Florida USA are spacecraft launched?

Spacecraft are launched from Cape Canaveral, in eastern Florida.

What was the number of the appollo spaceship in 1969?

There was 4 Apollo missions launched in 1969, Apollo 9, 10, 11 and 12. Apollo 11 was the mission that carried Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin to the Moon for the first lunar landing. Apollo 12 was a successful lunar landing also. Apollo 9 was launched March 3, Apollo 10 was launched May 18, Apollo 11 was launched July 16 and Apollo 12 was launched November 14.

When was Apollo launched?

There were multiple launches of the Apollo program.The first test flight of the Apollo/SaturnIV spacecraft (AS-201) was unmanned and took place Feb 26, 1966. The first manned flight (Apollo 7) took place Oct 11, 1968. The first moon landing mission (Apollo 11) launched July 16, 1969.

What is Apollo and Soyuz?

Apollo is the name of the American spacecraft and Soyuz is the name of the Russian spacecraft.

Is the Apollo 11 big or small compared to other spacecraft?

The Apollo 11 was a bigger spacecraft ,then mercury or Gemini spacecraft.

How many survivors where there in the Apollo 13?

There were no casualties on Apollo 13. So there were 3 survivors, which was everybody on the spacecraft.