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Q: When was the Assyrians weapons made?
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What were the weapons of the Assyrian army made from?

The Assyrians used iron-forged weapons.

What civilization developed iron weapons?

Assyrians (DarkTears)

What type of weapons did Assyrians use?

Iron weapons

Did Assyrians have iron weapons?


What were the Sumerian's shields made of?

most of there sheilds were made of copper. later on they found steel and iron by the Assyrians and used that for shield and weapons.

What types of weapons did the Assyrians use to conquer fertile crescent and part of Egypt?

Swords and spears made of iron.

What types of weapons used by the Assyrians?


What advance was credited to the Assyrians?

iron weapons

What is an advance credited to the Assyrians?

Iron weapons

What advances credited to the Assyrians?

iron weapons

What did the hittites and Assyrians use in battle?

The hitties and Assyrians used iron weapons and chariots in battle.

What is an advance credited to Assyrians?

Iron weapons and horse-mounted warriors are two advances credited to the Assyrians.