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Iron weapons

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Q: What is an advance credited to the Assyrians?
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What is an advance credited to Assyrians?

Iron weapons and horse-mounted warriors are two advances credited to the Assyrians.

What advance was credited to the Assyrians?

iron weapons

What advances credited to the Assyrians?

iron weapons

What empires credited people riding horses in warfare?


Did Assyrians invent written language?

No, the Assyrians did not invent written law. The Sumerians, a group that inhabited Southern Mesopotamia, did. The Assyrians are descendants of those who are credited to such inventions.

What are the advances credited to the Assyrians?

Horse-mounted warriorsiron weapons

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How did the people of Judah feel during the struggle with the Assyrians?

Trepidation. The Assyrians had succeeded in exiling the Ten Tribes and overrunning most of the land of Judah also, so the Judeans were fearful. It would take an intervention by God to halt the Assyrians' advance, and that is what happened.

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Assyrian civilization was which choice - passive artistic vile or just?

Answer: Vile. The Assyrians raped, pillaged, burned, and massacred all non-Assyrians who resisted their advance and even some who did not. They were certainly not passive, as the Assyrians were a militaristic empire. They could be considered artistic in that they made artworks, especially statues, but they were not known for their art or culture like the Greeks were. They were certainly not just since they were incredibly ethnicist and repressive.

How did the Assyrians treat there conquered enemies?

The did not interfere, realising that the gods were all the same, just with different local names. Religious persecution arose with Judaism and its children Christianity and Islam, which were prepared to slaughter in the name of their god.

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