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Battle of Vicksburg

When was the Battle of Vicksburg?


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The Battle of Vicksburg took place in May and June of 1863; until the Confederate army surrendered Vicksburg on July 4.


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The Battle of Vicksburg began in May 1863

The Battle of Vicksburg started on May 18th 1863. The Battle of Vicksburg ended on July 4th 1863.

The Battle of Vicksburg is also called the Siege of Vicksburg

The called it the Battle of Vicksburg, though, it was actually a siege.

The winner of the Battle of Vicksburg was Union General Ulysses Grant.

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The Battle of Vicksburg took place in mississippi.

Vicksburg, Warren County, Mississippi.

It was called the Vicksburg Campaign.

The Siege of Vicksburg was fought in the vicinity of Vicksburg, MS.

Gettysburg was a battle. Vicksburg was a siege.

It is called the Vicksburg Campaign.

The Battle of Champion's Hill was fought before the Battle of Vicksburg, on May 16,1863. It was a decisive Union victory, that drove Pemberton's Confederate Army back toward Vicksburg.

The Battle of Vicksburg happened because the union and confederacy needed a place to settle their differences and stop slavery. Ulysses S. Grant began the Battle of Vicksburg.

1869 IMPROVEMENT. The siege or the battle of Vicksburg begin on May 7, 1863.

20,000 people fought during the battle of Vicksburg

The Siege of Vicksburg occured in and around Vicksburg, Mississippi.

The Battle of Vicksburg was the final major military action in the Vicksburg Campaign in the US Civil War and gave the North control of the Mississippi River.

Vicksburg is the strategic turning point of the war.

Vicksburg, Mississippi was he site of the siege.

The battle of Vicksburg was fought over the Mississippi river. The river was a large area for trade.

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