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to determine date you would need the serial number.............................................

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Q: When was the Colt army special 32-20 made?
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What year was this 3220 colt single action army serial no 346122 made?


What is the date of my colt army special 32-20 wcf sn 511250?

Your colt army special was made in 1924.

What is the age of a Colt Army special 38 with serial number 314160?

Your Colt army special would be 102 years old. It was made in 1909.

How old is my colt army special 38 patent date July 4 1905 serial number 509910?

Your colt army special was made in 1924.

Who made a 3220 rifle and revolver to shoot the same ammo?

Colt made a single action army revolver that used 32.23 ammo & I believe Winchester, Colt lightning, Savage & Remington made 32.20 rifles,if that answers your question

What is the age of 38 special colt army serial 512558?

Made in 1924.

What year was colt army special 38 made?

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

What is the production date of colt army special serial number 458978?

Made in 1920.

What is the age of a 38 Colt Army Special serial 365986Z paten July 4th 1905?

A Colt army special & officiers model with that serial number without the Z ending was made in 1914.

What is the age of colt army special 38 324115?

About 100 years old, made in 1910

Colt 3220 with serial number 208774?

I assume your colt is a pre-war SAA 32/20 cal. Ser# 208774 made in 1902

Age approximate value colt 3220 pistol serial number 251996?

not 100% sure, but made about 1905

When was colt police positive special c25339 made?

Your colt police positive special was made in 1972.

What is the age of your colt 38 army special serial 492745?

It would be about 86 years old, made about 1923.

What year was a colt army special 38 revolver serial number 523158 made and what is it worth?

Don't know value, but made in 1926.

What year was a colt detective special made H21635?

That Colt ds was made in 1975.

Colt police positive 38 special 106184?

Colt police positive .38 was made in 1919 and Colt police positive special was made in 1914.

What is the age of a Colt Army Special 38 with a serial number of 436290?

It would be 93 years old, made in 1919.

Colt detective special?

Yes, Colt made a model called that.

Colt police special?

One of many models made by Colt

What is the value of a colt 45 us army 2249075?

made by Colt in 1945

Some general information and possible value on a Colt Army Special 38 with last patent date July 4th 1905 Serial 470730?

That serial number shows it was made in 1922. If you google 'Colt Army Special .38' you will find some information on it.

What is the history of this COLT Army Special 38 Serial Number 507493 Nickel Plated?

double action colt revolvers 1905 - 1978 Serial # 507493 made about 1925

What year is a colt army revolver double action made and how much is it worth serial number 411635?

I found a Colt army special with that serial number being made about 1916.Don.t know the value though it would depend on it's condition.

What year was the colt agent 38 special made 126812?

your colt agent was made in 1963.