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Cretaceous Period

The Cretaceous was about 145 million to 66 million years ago. The Cretaceous gets its name from the latin word for chalk, creta, because it includes the layers of this distinctive pure white limestone. It is the last period of the Mesozoic ("middle life") Era.

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Q: When was the Cretaceous Period?
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In what era did dinosaurs disappear?

the Cretaceous periodCretaceous period Cretaceous period Cretaceous period

Was the cretaceous period before or after the Jurassic period?

The Cretaceous Period was after the Jurassic Period.

What period was after the cretaceous?

The Paleogene Period followed the Cretaceous.

What happened in the Cretaceous period?

cretaceous period is a period when the continents moved

What period did triceratops live in?

Triceratops lived in the Cretaceous period.

Were there fruits in the cretaceous period if so which kind of fruits?

There were fruits in the cretaceous period. There were berries and bread in this period.

What is after Jurassic period?

cretaceous period.

Did the troodon live in the Cretaceous period?

Yes, from the Late Cretaceous Period (75-65 mya).

When did the Cretaceous period start and end?

The Cretaceous period was from 145.5 --> 65.5 million years ago.

What period was after the Jurassic Period?

after Jurrasic period it is the Cretaceous period

How was the cretaceous period different from the Jurassic period?

The Pangaea split is the difference between the Cretaceous period and the Jurassic period. The split took place in the Jurassic period.

What period did the dinosaurs live in?

Cretaceous period

Last period of mesozoic period?


What came after the Jurassic period?

Cretaceous period.

What period did spinosaurs live in?

the cretaceous period.

What period came first Jurassic cretaceous or triassic?

jurassic The Triassic was the earliest period of the Mesozoic, followed by the Jurassic then the Cretaceous. The Cretaceous was of the greatest duration.

Did the dinosaurs died at the end of the cretaceous Jurassic or triassic period?


What is cretaceous period?

what is an asteroid

What kind of dinosaurs were there in the cretaceous period?

The T-Rex and Triceratops. The extinction of the dinosaurs marked the end of the cretaceous period.

Were people alive in the cretaceous period?

No. The Cretaceous period ended long before the first people walked the earth.

Where there people in the cretaceous time?

Early humans first appeared in the tertiary period, a long time after the cretaceous period.

What was the dominant animal of the cretaceous period?

Dinosaurs were the dominant land vertebrates during the Cretaceous period: mosasaurs were the dominant marine vertebrate predators near the end of the Cretaceous.

What period was the t-rex in?

The Cretaceous Period.

What time period did the tyrannosaurus lived?

Cretaceous period

What time period did iguanodon live in?

Cretaceous period,