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what is the critacal period during history in 1780

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Q: What happened during the 'critical period'?
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What happened during the time of the critical period?

shays rebellion

What problems arose during the critical period?

you are dumb.

Who controlled the government during the critical period?

my finger

What happened to earths continents during Permian period?

What happened to the earth's continents during permian period is pangea

Describe the processes of parental imprinting and explain what is meant be the critical period?

Parents teach offspring critical behaviors that make them more fit for environment. This is taught during the critical period which isa limited time during which imprinting can occur, which is usually at a young age.

What happened to the earth's continents during the Permian period?

What happened to the earth's continents during Permian Period is Pangea, Pangea is when the used to be one big super continent broke apart created our separate continents today.

What is the time period called where children are developmentally ready to learn a new language?

The time period is called the critical period for language acquisition, which typically occurs during early childhood. This is when children are most receptive to learning and acquiring language skills. It is believed that exposure to multiple languages during this period can result in bilingualism or multilingualism.

Is it likely to get pregnant during your period if your unprotected?

"Likely", no. But it has happened.

Can a girl get a girl pregnant during her period?

Yeah. It happened to me.

Can a women get pregnant during her monthly period?

It is unlikely but it has happened

A time during which exposure to certain stimuli or experiences produces optimal results is?

critical period

What is meant by the term 'critical period' in feral children?

Critical period refers to the time during a child's development when they are more easily taught things. Essentially, when a particular skill is most readily acquired.