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The company was founded in 1810, in the Connecticut city bearing the same name, as a fire insurance company. It managed to survive to this day, incorporating a wide variety of insurance coverage.

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Q: When was the Hartford insurance company founded?
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When was the Hartford Insurance founded?

Hartford Insurance was founding in 1810 as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. However, they have changed their name and base of operations since then.

When were the Hartford Hotels chain founded?

The Hartford Hotels chain were founded in 1810 in the Hartford, Connecticut area. The company has over twenty thousand employees in the Insurance industry.

Where can someone find information about Hartford automobile insurance?

The Hartford Company offers a variety of insurance products including auto and property insurance. One can learn about Hartford insurance at the company's official website.

Where can you find information about Hartford insurance?

Hartford insurance has a website with information about the company and its products. You can also get information about Hartford from independent insurance agents.

Why is Hartford called the insurance city?

The first insurance company in the United States is based in Hartford, Connecticut. Hartford is called the insurance city as it is the "birthplace" of American insurance.

What is a big industry in Hartford?

Insurance company

What auto insurance company in Florida has a policy number that starts with 55 PHJ?

Property and Casualty Insurance Company of Hartford - It's a policy from The Hartford

What is the 5 digit auto insurance company code for Hartford in Florida?

What is the five digit insurance code for Hartford insurance in the state of Florida

Where is the Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest located?

The Hartford Insurance Company of the Midwest is located in Hartford, Connecticut. They may be contacted by phone via the toll free number 1 800 547 5000.

Is the Hartford an investment company?

The Hartford is an investment company as well as a company that offers financial management and insurance. The Hartford also offers retirement planning and stock portfolio services.

What type of insurance does Hartford deal with?

The Hartford Insurance Company deals with may different types of insurance, however their primary focus is that of life insurance for elderly people.

What different types on insurance does the Hartford insurance offer?

The Hartford insurance company offers life insurance as well as automobile and homeowners insurance.This company has been around a very long time is is a highly trusted business.