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When was the Ithaca model 37 made?


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Without any further info on your specific firearm, the only dates that I can give are from 1937 to 1987. Ithaca made several different variations of the Model 37, some of which went out of production before others. Production did start in 1937, and the last variations of the Model 37 were replaced by (or renamed to) the Model 87 in 1987.


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your Ithaca model 37 is made in 1966 look on WWW.SURPLUSRIFLEFORUM.COM look for in the "search engine" on that web site type in ITHACA 37 DOM there you'll find the Serial Number chart

The serial number indicates your Model 37 was manufactured in late 1969.

The serial number indicates Ithaca manufactured your Model 37 in 1956.

how much is an Ithaca model 37 shotgun worth in fair condition

what year was Ithaca model 37 serial number 1006865 maid

Made in 1969. Info from Ithaca Gun Co. serial number check chart.

Assuming you are referring to a Model 37 pump, it was made in 1959

The serial number indicates your gun was made in 1955.

It appears that the Ithaca in question was made in 1969

A Model 37 is a "pump", so a double barrel could not be a Model 37

Dont believe the Ithaca 37 ever used an 'A' prefix. There was an 'M' prefix used on 37's made after 1996.

I don't for sure but ithing it's from 1978. Try going to , it list guns made by ithaca. Look under model 37 all grades gun. I hope this helps

I'm no expert, but it should be made in the mid to late 1970's.

A model 37 with the serial # 10464 was produced in 1939.

According to my records it was made in 1910. (From "Ithaca Gun Company: From the Beginning")

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