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Q: When was the James J. Hill house built?
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When was James J. Hill House created?

James J. Hill House was created in 1891.

Who built the western half of the transcontinental railroad?

James J. Hill

What is James j house in Minnesota?

James J. Hill lived in a huge mansion. In fact, he had more than one, but the James J Hill house is the most famous out of all the houses he built and lived in. It is certainly the largest house in Minnesota. James J Hill founded the the Great Northern Railroad, so he paid for - a famous attraction today - the stone arch bridge so his trains could cross it. the stone arch bridge has been in some movies too. You can go to St. Paul today to tour his LARGE house.

Where is the James J. Hill House in St. Paul Minnesota located?

The address of the James J. Hill House is: 240 Summit Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102-1906

Who built the great northern railway system?

James J. Hill built the Great Northern Railway System

How big is the largest private home in Minnesot?

The James J. Hill house

When was James J. Hill born?

James J. Hill was born on 1838-09-16.

What were James J hill kids names?

james j hills kids names

Is there a landmark in Minnesota?

The Paul Bunyan statue in Bemidji. The Charles Lindbergh house in Little Falls. The James J. Hill house in St. Paul.

Who was James J hill?

James Jerome Hill (September 1838 to May 1916) was the chief executive officer of the Great Northern Railway. He became known as "The Empire Builder" due to the size of his railways stretching between the Upper Northwest, Northern Great Plains and Pacific Northwest.

Who was known as the Empire Builder?

James J. Hill

What was James J Hill's middle name?