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The Lockheed C130 Hercules is a four-engine turboprop aircraft that was used in the military. It was originally built by Lockheed and designed as a troop, medical evacuation, and cargo transport plane. The C130-B model was first designed and put into production in 1959.

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Q: When was the Lockheed C130 Hercules first used?
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What harley Davidson motorcycle part is used in C130 Hercules aircraft?

Airdrop release lever

What type of plane is used to fly into hurricanes for scientific measurements?

The aircraft most commonly used is the Lockheed WC-130 Hercules flown by the US Air Force Reserve from Keesler AFB, Mississippi. The Navy used to fly hurricane missions in Lockheed P2V Neptune aircraft. Such an aircraft was lost in 1955 while flying through Hurricane Janet.

What are the names of Amelia Earhart's planes?

The Canary was her first, later she named her Lockheed Vega "Little Red Bus", but apparently never named the the Lockheed 10 she used in the world attempt.

Who was the lion first slain by Hercules?

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Was the lockheed C-130 used in Australia?

Yes it has been used by the Australian Military.

What was sr-71 blackbird used for?

Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird was used mainly for reconnaissance.

What did Hercules used to be?

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What is Amelia Earhart's plane called?

Amelia Earhart's first plane was a Lockheed Vega. This is the airplane she used for her transatlantic flight in 1932. Her next plane was a Lockheed Electra; this airplane is the one she was in when she disappeared on July 2, 1937Amelia's first aircraft was a yellow Kinner Airster that she called 'Canary'. Her second was an Avian that she bought in England in 1928. -The Lockheed Vega 5 , ' Little Red Bus', was her third. This was her favorite aircraft and she created many records with it.

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What technology was used in the lockheed sr-71?

In what way? Radar, IR, Propulsion, Design?

What company makes the Patriot missile used by the Air Defense Artillery?

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