The Louisiana Purchase

When was the Louisiana Purchase made?


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April 30, 1803. was the date that the purchase treaty was signed by American and French negotiators. October 30, 1803 was the day the Senate ratified the treaty. The US took possession on December 20, 1803.


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Thomas Jefferson was president when the Louisiana Purchase was made.

The Louisiana Purchase date was April 30,1803.

It is a matter of historical record that the US DID make the Louisiana Purchase.

The Louisiana purchase was made in 1803.

President Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase from French Napoleon Bonaparte.

The westward expansion was the most significant result of the Louisiana Purchase in America. The purchase was made in 1803.

Jefferson made the Louisiana Purchase from the French.

The Louisiana purchase made it possible for the united states to settle across the Mississippi river.

the Louisiana Purchase was When USA bought land from France. It made USA gain a lot of land.

Thomas Jefferson was the president when the purchase was made in 1803.

Do you mean the Louisiana Territory? If you do, then its the Louisiana Purchase

It was ironic that Jefferson made the Louisiana purchase because making the residents of Louisiana citizens went against his own compact theory of union. It was overstepping federal powers as well.

The Louisiana Purchase was made in 1803

President Jefferson was reluctant to approve the Louisiana Purchase because he was not certain that it was legal. He was worried the constitution did not allow the purchase.

Mintage for the 2004 Louisiana Purchase/Peace Medal Reverse Nickels are, Denver: 372,000,000 Philadelphia: 361,440,00

James Madison who was the Secretary of State when the Louisiana Purchase was made.

The signing of the Treaty of the Louisiana Purchase was made in Paris, France.

The Louisiana PurchaseThe United States acquired Louisiana from the French in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. George Washington

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 and the Louisiana Purchase was finalized on May 2, 1803. Therefore, he would have been 60 years old when he made the purchase.

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