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The Miocene was from about 26 million to 5 million years ago. It is part of the Tertiary Period and the Cenozoic Era. The word Miocene comes from the Greek for "less than present." It is the age of the first hominids.

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Q: When was the Miocene?
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What is terminal miocene event?

Terminal miocene event is the transition from miocene to pliocene. The miocene climate is similar to the modern climate, dry and seasonal.

When was Miocene - band - created?

Miocene - band - was created in 1997.

What is the ISBN of The Miocene Arrow?

The ISBN of The Miocene Arrow is 0-765-34455-6.

What epoch was 20 million years ago?

The Miocene, a period of warming, began about 21 million years ago.

The Miocene epoch follows the?


Oligocene and Miocene are?

They are geological epochs.

Did the Miocene end before dinosaurs came on earth?

Miocene the event took place at the close of the cretaceous period which whiped out the dinosaurs.

What is the fourth epoch ii the tertiary period?


What was the environment like during the Miocene period?


When did first hominids appear?

During the Miocene era.

What fossil range does the kentriodon live in?

From the oligocene to the miocene.

What Epoch in which grazing mammal became widespread?

Miocene Epoch

What epoch did apes appear?

Miocene is the epoch when apes appeared.

When did the aardvark exixt?

The miocene to current. The genus still exists.

Which era did the sea pen first appear?

the miocene era

When did the short faced bear live?

During the Miocene Epoch time

To what geologic time frame do the fossils from Thomas Farm belong?


First hominids appeared on earth during what epoch?

Miocene Epoch.

The miocene epoch saw the spread of which new vegetative zone?


What period did megalodon live?

It lived in the Miocene period (20 mya).

How long ago was the miocene time period?

5 to 25 Million Years ago

What has the author Donald Gordon MacInnes written?

Donald Gordon MacInnes has written: 'The Miocene Anthracotheriidae from East Africa' -- subject(s): Anthracotheriidae, Paleontology 'A new miocene rodent from East Africa' -- subject(s): Megapedetes pentadactylus, Paleontology

What has the author B C Parker written?

B. C. Parker has written: 'Non-calcareous marine algae from California miocene deposits' -- subject(s): Algae, Fossil, California, Fossil Algae, Los Angeles County, Miocene, Paleobotany

What is the fourth epoch of the tertiary period?

The Miocene Epoch, 23.8 to 5.3 million years ago. = =

Is Argentavis magnificens extinct?

Yes, Argentavis magnificens went extinct in the late Miocene period.