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Q: When was the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles founded?
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When did the eagles football team start?

The Philadelphia Eagles team was founded in 1933 and joined the NFL the same year.

What nfl team has most black players?

The Philadelphia Eagles.

What NFL team was named after the symbol for the NRA?

Philadelphia Eagles

What is kobe bryant's favorite nfl team?

philadelphia eagles

What is the only team the Philadelphia Eagles never beat in the NFL?


Who has a good nfl team but never won a championship?

Philadelphia Eagles

Which NFL team has the most conferance championship wins?

Philadelphia Eagles

What NFL team does Will Murphy play for?

Will Murphy plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Which NFL Team been in the most playoff games?

Philadelphia Eagles

Who is the best team in the NFC right now in the nfl?

the philadelphia eagles

What are the pennysylvania's NFL football team?

Pennsylvania's sole professional football team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

What NFL team did Markus Thomas play for?

Philadelphia Eagles 1993-1994