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Alfred Nobel established the Nobel prize in his will. The prize was officially established upon Nobel's death December 10, 1896.

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2011-03-12 16:40:38
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Q: When was the Nobel Prize started and by whom?
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Who started the novel peace prize?

Alfred Nobel started the Nobel Prize with the $9 million he earned from inventing dynamite.

When did the Nobel Prize started?

In 1901

The Nobel Prize in Economics was started in?


When did Nobel Prize start?

it started in 1901 when Alfred Nobel (the person who started it) was still alive

When was Nobel Prize originated?

The Nobel Prize orginated in 1895 by Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel who started the prizes with his large fortune as was directed by his last will.

Who started the Nobel Prize?

Alfred nobelThe Nobel award is given in the memory of the Sweedish scientist Alfred Nobel.

How many women have won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Since the inception of the Nobel Peace Prize awards, there have been 45 women who have won Nobel Peace Prizes. The Nobel Peace Prize awards program was started in 1901.

Who started the noble peace prize?

Alfred Bernhard Nobel

Why was Nobel Prize introduced?

Alfred Nobel got rich for his invention of explosives. He set up a trust to provide money from investments to pay out to the prize winners. So it was Nobel's generosity that started the prize-giving.

Who started the Nobel Peace Prize?

Alfred Nobel invented the Nobel Peace Prize in 1901.The Nobel Peace Prize was one of the five original categories.Nobel. Specifically Alfred Nobel, a wealthy manufacturer who left a portion of his estate to be used to fund annual prizes in several categories, one of which is the "Peace" prize.

How many people have won the Nobel prize since it start in 1901?

94 people have won Nobel peace prize since it started in 1901.

What year and why was President Wilson awarded a Nobel Prize?

Started the United Nations

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