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When was the Paleocene?

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The Paleocene was from about 65 million to 54 million years ago. It is part of the Tertiary Period and the Cenozoic Era.

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Is called the paleocene time period or the paleogene time period?

the paleocene epoch is in the paleogene time period.

Which animals species evolved during the paleocene epoch?

Mammals are thought to have evolved during the paleocene epoch, according to the prevalent evolutionary model.

What era did the monkey evolve?

Paleocene Epoch

What was the name of Archie's Paleocene rodent?


What was the last epoch of the tertiary period?


When did plants in the division Anthophyta start to appear?


What is the oldest epoch in the Cenozoic era?

Paleocene epoch

How long ago did the paleocene epoch begin?

11 ka-1.8ma

What are some words starting with pal?

Palindrome, Pale, Paleness, Paleocene

When did cimolestes live?

In the late cretaceous to the paleocene. yes, they lived with the dinosaurs.

Is Barney a rat in the book Stargirl?

no, barney is a Paleocene rodent skull.

What epoch is the Paleocene period in?

The Paleocene(65.5 - 55.8Ma) is an epoch in the Paleogene Period(65.5 - 23.3Ma).It is also the 1st Epoch of the Cenozoic Era(65.5Ma - Now).It is also in the Phanerozoic Eon(542Ma - Now).

What age did the ice age occur?

Paleocene 65-56 million years ago

What are some major events for paleocene epoch?

The Paleocene Epoch is part of the Tertiary Period. Some of the major events that occurred during this epoch were: Europe and North America are joined together, Australia is joined with Antarctica and the separation of South America and Africa.

What are the epochs in the mesozoic era?


The epoch spans the time between 65 million and 56 million years ago?


How many epochs are there in the Tertiary Period?

There were five epochs in the Tertiary: Paleocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, and Pliocene.

What are some mammals that start with the letter x?

xantis (a yak)Xanclomys: a small mammal from the Paleocene of North America

What evidence suggest that a mass extinction of the dinosaurs occurred at the end of the cretaceous period?

an absence of dinosaur fossils in Paleocene Bedrock.

What age comes after the cretaceous period?

The Paleocene, which is the first (oldest) part of the Cenozoic Era, as the Cretaceous was the last of the Mesozoic Era.

What time period did sand dollars live in?

The first sand dollars formed during the period Paleocene. After that they diversified during the Eocene period.

What era and period did the titanboa live in?

The Titanoboa lived from 60 - 58 million years ago in the Paleocene Epoch. This was the Paleogene Period of the Cenozoic Era.

How did the gastornis become extinct?

The warm lush Paleocene and Eocene environment that it lived in changed. Climate change is often one of the root causes in extinction.

Which of the following is NOT an epoch in the Quaternary period A Paleocene B Pleistocene C Pliocene D none of the above?

Every epoch apart from the Pleistocene and Holocene.

What has the author Fritz Bretzen written?

Fritz Bretzen has written: 'The Swedish Paleocene and its foraminiferal fauns' -- subject- s -: Foraminifera, Fossil, Fossil Foraminifera, Paleontology