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It has not been rebuilt. It is a great big ruin.

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When was Parthenon rebuilt?

It is still a ruin.

Was the Parthenon rebuilt?

No, it was not, it is a great big ruin.

Why did the Parthenon have to be rebuilt?

The dead sea and your dad and your mom

What is the condition of the Parthenon?

It has not been rebuilt. It is a great big ruin.

What is the ancient greek building that was destroyed and then re built?

The building your talking about is the Parthenon It was destroyed by cannon fire and is being rebuilt today. The building that was destroyed then rebuilt was the Parthenon. During the Persian invasion in 480BC, the Persian were storing gun powder in an old temple. It soon was set on fire and blew up. The Parthenon we see today is actually the second Parthenon. The Greek Ministry of Culture are creating a restoration programme to restore the Parthenon and return the Elgin marbles or Parthenon Marbles back to Greece. Hope this helps isy_k

Why was the parhtenon named the Parthenon?

why was the Parthenon named the Parthenon............because i don't know

What country is the Parthenon in?

The Parthenon is in Greece.

Did the Parthenon have a roof?

The Parthenon did have a roof.

What was the Parthenon made for?

The Parthenon was made for Athena

Who is partheon?

The Parthenon is not a person. The Parthenon was a building

Who was the creator of the Parthenon?

Pericles was the creator of the Parthenon

What is the web address of the Parthenon in Nashville Tennessee?

The web address of the Parthenon is: http://www.nashville.gov/parthenon/

What does Parthenon mean?

Parthenon means a Greek buliting

Who created the Parthenon?

the Parthenon was created by for young girls

What is the absolute location of Parthenon?

what is the absolute location of the Parthenon

What is the country of Parthenon?

Parthenon is in Greece,in the center of Athens.

What people built the Parthenon?

the Athens built the Parthenon

What it was used for Parthenon?

The Parthenon is a temple for the goddess Athena.

Why was the Parthenon arched?

The Parthenon is not arched. Look again.

Where in Greece is the Parthenon?

The Parthenon is on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Which god does the Parthenon honor?

The Parthenon was dedicated to Athena.

When did the Greeks finish the Parthenon?

The Greeks finished the Parthenon in 432b.c.

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