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Q: When was the Prohibition Party adopted in Kansas?
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Prohibition in 1917 was what political party idea?

The Democratic party and the Prohibition party.

When was Prohibition Party created?

Prohibition Party was created in 1869.

What kind of party was the Prohibition Party?

The Prohibition Party was, and continues to be, a single-issue political third party.

What does the prohibition party stand for?

The Prohibition Party, which still exists in the US, calls for the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages.

When did Scottish Prohibition Party end?

Scottish Prohibition Party ended in 1935.

When was Scottish Prohibition Party created?

Scottish Prohibition Party was created in 1901.

The Prohibition Party was an example of?

The Prohibition Party was and is (it still exists) a single issue third political party.

What are theThe Prohibition Party was an example of a?

The Prohibition Party is (it still exists) both a third party and a single-issue party.

When was the Kansas state flag adopted?

The Kansas state flag was adopted in 1927.

The prohibition party is an example of?

A third party.

What type of minor party is the prohibition party?

Third party

What third parties stood for prohibition party - progressive party or greenback party or free soil party or know nothing party or bull mose party?

The Progressive Party represented prohibition.