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it depends on if it a 219 a,b,or c .about 1900 . the savage mod 1899 was modafide about the same time. Numrich arms corp. can tell you .

No, The savage 219 was released in 1938, and manufactured in various forms until 1965. the 219 was first, then 219a, etc. 30-30 caliber was available as a chambering right from the start.

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Q: When was the Savage 30-30 model 219 manufactured?
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Was a Savage model 99 or 1895 made in 219 Zipper?

the savage model 1895 was only chambered in 303 savage.All savage model 1899,and model 99 rifles were never chambered in 219 Zipper either.

What is the value of savage arms model 219-b single shot?

The savage model 219 ranges in price from 70-140 dollars depending on condition and a good bore.

What year was the savage model 219 single shot rifle produced?


Where can you find a book about the Savage Model 219 single shot rifles?

on eBay or

Where can you find a barrell for a savage model 219 rifle?

Try Numrich gun

What is the value of a savage model 219 .22 hornet?

Around $200, depending on condition.

What is the age of a 30-30 12 gauge Savage Model 219?

Go to the web and look at the Savage collectors forum...there is a poster/moderator on that forum named "Maddog" who is a Savage collector and an expert on Savage 219's and 220's. Hope this helps.

Did Savage Arms ever make a model or caliber 25-20?

The answer to your question is yes.The only firearm made by savage in 25-20 caliber was the model 219 single shot.It was a 26in barrel,open sighted hammerless,breakopen top lever with a plain pistol grip stock.The model 219 was made by savage between the years 1938-1965.

What is a savage 219 219 zipper?

Since the Savage 219, etc was never factory chambered for the .219 Zipper, it's most likely a .22 Hornet version that was rechambered after it left the factory.

Model 219 single shot savage 30-30 what is the value?

$100-175, depending on condition

Is a shotgun barrel available for your savage model 219?

The savage models,221,222,223,227,228,and 229 were similar to the model 219,except these models were supplied with a shotgun barrel.(each model listed above represents a different gauge and barrel length).I would try numrich gun parts corp.or E-gun

How do you take apart a savage model 219 single shot rifle?

Recommend you ask a gunsmith for help and watch

What diameter bullet should be used in a model 219 savage 22 hornet?

either .223 or .224. Have the barrel slugged.

What is the value of a Savage Arms Model 219 rifle shotgun?

Condition means everything. We've seen recent sales of this model in VG-Excellent condition from $300-$375.

Savage model 219?

The savage model 219 was made from 1938-1965,in many different calibers.(22 hornet,25-20WCF,32-20WCF,or 30-30 Win.)They had a 26in barrel,open sights,hammerless,break open ,top lever,with a plain pistol grip stock.Ther value is not high.The 30-30 Win caliber is going for 80-195 dollars.The other calibers are going for 15% more.

What is the value of a Ridgeway Grandfather clock model?


Where can I get a schematic drawing savage 219 rifle?

Gun Digest, Exploded views.... Numrich Arms Parts Catalog...

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What is a REM-UMC 219 Zipper Rolling block pistol?

It is possible that you have a model 1901 rolling block pistol that was re-chambered for the 219 zipper caliber.I show no records of Remington rolling block pistols that were chambered for the 219 zipper.Is the barrel 10in.long and part round part octagon?this would indicate that the barrel is from a model 1901 rolling block pistol?If not then the pistol has been re-barreled and then chambered for the 219 zipper cartridge.The use of rem-umc was between 1916-1920.

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